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Chapter 1593: Making Him Lose Control

The woman heard some noise and turned around. She saw the approaching man as well as the expectation and surprise in his eyes.

But when he realized who she really was, the expectation and surprise vanished immediately.

Huo Yunshen’s sparkling eyes became dusted again. How could he forget again that Jin Xiaoxi looked almost identical to Jing Xi from the back?

They looked so similar that he could not help mistaking her as Jing Xi every time he saw her.

Huo Yunshen realized how ridiculous he was, and tried to hide his overwhelming disappointment with a bitter smile.

Everything went back to normal, including his coldness and indifference.

“How’s Hengheng?”

Huo Yunshen came to find Little Grape sleeping in Jin Xiaoxi’s arms. He found it unbelievable that his son could be so attached to this woman, and that he even slept in her arms.

It was the first time he saw Little Grape in someone else’s arms, which was extremely unexpected.

Seeing the king coming in, Jing Xi had to nod at him instead of standing up because of the child in her arms. She answered, “His Highness is fine now. He’s asleep.”

Huo Yunshen came closer and saw the boy sleeping cozily in her arms. He felt relieved.

“Put him on the bed!” Huo Yunshen suggested.


Jing Xi was about to put him onto the bed. But Little Grape seemed to know that his mother was leaving so he frowned and held onto Jing Xi’s clothes more tightly.

“Never mind. He might wake up if I move. Let him sleep here for a while.”

Instead of putting him down, Jing Xi adjusted his position and helped him sleep more comfortably in her arms.

She looked at the boy and patted him gently. Huo Yunshen stood by their side watching.

From this close distance, he could see her eyes and eyebrows. The rest of her face was covered by the veil.

Even her eyes and eyebrows looked similar to Jing Xi’s. Huo Yunshen was probably losing his mind. He reached out toward her veil and wanted to see her face more clearly.

Before he could reach the veil, Jing Xi saw his approaching hand from the corner of her eyes and turned to him, shocked.

Huo Yunshen realized that he was being impolite. He tried to lift his hand and pretend to be wiping off some dust on his sleeves.

But there were no dust at all. He was merely trying to hide his embarrassment.

“Your Majesty, are you ok?” Jing Xi asked.

“Never mind. It’s very kind of you.”

Huo Yunshen almost ran out of the room after saying so.

He should not meet Jin Xiaoxi ever again. Whenever he saw her he would lose control and act ridiculously.

What was going on with him?

How could that ugly woman be so attractive and make him lose control like that?

Was that merely because she looked identical to Jing Xi from the back?

Returning to his study, Huo Yunshen still could not calm himself down. He eventually asked Yin Feng to pull out Jin Xiaoxi’s file.

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