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Chapter 1588: Sensitive

Jing Xi set the boat in front of Little Grape, and the kid gasped in excitement.

Jing Xi even made a pirate’s hat out of cardboard and wrapped a scarf around Little Grape in place of a cape.

Little Grape transformed into a cute little pirate.

“Cap’n, should we set sail?” Jing Xi asked in a manly voice.

“Aye!” Little Grape replied.

The adult and kid began playing the pirate game until it was time for Jing Xi to leave.

“Can’t Auntie Xiaoxi stay?” Little Grape asked.

“I’m sorry, but a little boy is waiting for me at home,” Jing Xi explained.

“What is he like?”

“He’s like you, same age and height.”

“Like me?”


Thinking that there was another kid around his age enjoying Jing Xi’s company made Little Grape a little grumpy.

“Does he call you Auntie Xiaoxi too?” Little Grape asked.

“No, he calls me mommy.”


Little Grape became even sadder because he’d never gotten the chance to call anyone mommy before.

“You can leave,” Little Grape said and ran back into his room to hide by the closet.

Jing Xi did not expect the little kid to be so sensitive to the word “mommy.”

She went back into Little Grape’s room and looked for him.

“Hey, I’ll bring the little boy over to play with you next time, okay? You two can be pirates together,” Jing Xi said.

“I don’t want to play pirate. I want Auntie Xiaoxi to stay with me,” Little Grape turned around and said.

“I’ll be here every morning, but I have to go back at night.” Jing Xi smiled. “There’s someone sick at home, and they need me to feed them, okay?”

Little Grape wasn’t as unreasonable as he seemed. He slowly crawled out from his hiding spot.

“Okay. Please don’t be late tomorrow,” Little Grape said.

It was Little Grape’s first time being so dependant on another person. He couldn’t understand how it felt, but he knew he wanted to spend more time with his new nanny.

“Okay. Be a good kid while I’m gone, okay?”


Jing Xi then left to go to the accounting office to get her advance payment, which totaled 10 thousand dollars.

She bought a new phone on her way back. With a phone in hand, Jing Xi could finally start trying out live-streaming.

Jing Xi then bought a crutch for Heiniu and a cake for Xiao Tieniu. The remaining money was left in her account so that she could save enough money for Xiao Tieniu’s surgery and Heiniu’s prosthetic leg.

Thinking that the future already seemed brighter, Jing Xi went back home happily.

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