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Chapter 1563: Indistinctly Disappointed


Huo Yunshen stopped at the sight of Auntie Lan and the woman in a veil behind her.

At first glance he almost mistook her for Jing Xi. They looked identical in terms of figure.

“Who is she?”

“She is the new nanny for our prince,” Auntie Lan explained and urged Jing Xi to greet the king.

Jing Xi bowed and said, “Your Majesty!”

Similar figures, but totally different voices.

Huo Yunshen asked her to take off the veil. Jing Xi followed his order and unveiled her scarred face.

Not only the voices, but they looked completely different.

“Carry on.”

Huo Yunshen was indistinctly disappointed and left with his men.

With them gone, Jing Xi still felt excited. She had met the king on her first day. How lucky she was!

After a tour around the palace, Auntie Lan explained that as long as she could satisfy the little prince and stay to take care of him, she would be compensated with twenty thousand dollars per month on top of other benefits.

Twenty thousand dollars…

Jing Xi was indeed surprised. She knew she would be well-paid. But it was still beyond her expectations.

No wonder they all wanted the job.

But such a handsome reward meant equally heavy responsibility. She was to take care of a prince, not some ordinary child.

It could cost her life if she made any mistakes.

After being introduced to the place, she would have to get familiar with the prince’s habits and schedules.

He was said to be extremely picky. They used to use a dozen chefs for a single meal. But he liked none of their dishes.

“You can cook, right?” Auntie Lan asked.

“I know a little.”

“Good. Then you will cook for lunch. Just make something that you normally cook for your child.”

Auntie Lan felt that it might be because the chefs here could only make fancy dishes, but the little prince liked none of them.

Jin Xiaoxi was a mother. She could try whatever she cooked for her own child and see if the prince would like it.

Standing in the spacious kitchen, Jing Xi found a great variety of foods on the table. They had prepared almost everything.

She normally had very limited options and could only cook simple dishes. Little Tieniu just had whatever they could provide.

Yet he enjoyed his every meal. However, the prince seemed to have everything but he liked none of it.

She thought through their daily cuisine. Little Tieniu’s favorite was the wonton noodle she made.

Thinking of that Jing Xi decided to make some wonton noodles for the little prince for lunch.

She asked about if he was allergic to anything and started preparing for lunch.

In about an hour she prepared the filling, the dough, and made the wonton wrappers. Then she made the wontons and prepared some handmade noodles.

It was almost lunch time and a servant came to ask for the dishes. Jing Xi boiled some water and cooked the wontons and noodles.

In order to make

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