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Chapter 1583: Should Never Underestimate Her

“I brought some fish food. They’ll love it.”

Jing Xi reached for the fish food in the basket and gave half to Little Grape. Then she turned to Ying Bao. “Your Highness, do you want to try?”

Ying Bao was not interested in the beginning. But when she saw many beautiful koi coming for the food, she got her portion and joined her brother in feeding them.

More and more koi came. They were red, yellow and multi-colored. A few seemed to be fighting for food, which amused Little Grape.

He was cheered up again and called his father to come and take a look.

In order to distract himself, Huo Yunshen joined them in feeding the koi.

Their cruise carried on and passed by the picnic spot they’d chosen previously. The servants saw their cruise and stopped to watch.

Yao Zheng stood in front of the crowd. When she saw Jin Xiaoxi sitting on the King’s cruise she could not help being annoyed by jealousy.

How could the ugly nanny sit on the King’s cruise?

Simply because she is on Auntie Lan’s side and the little prince is fond of her?”

She wondered how this woman could have made the little prince become so fond of her within merely a few days, and even gotten closer to the King. She should have never underestimated her.

They cruised around the lake and ran out of fish food. Then Little Grape asked, “Auntie Xiaoxi, we have no more fish food. What else we can play?”

“Let me see.”

Jing Xi searched through her handbag and found a harmonica. She proposed, “Would you like to hear my harmonica?”

“Auntie Xiaoxi, do you know how to play?” Little Grape asked.

“A little bit. It might not be amusing.”

“Good, Auntie Xiaoxi, play it!” Little Grape urged.

“OK. I’ll play something simple.”

Jing Xi picked up the harmonica. She took a glance at the man in front of her before she started, to make sure he would not mind.

But he seemed no to care. So she should not worry.

She held the harmonica, lifted the veil and started playing a gentle song.

The melodious song gradually caught Huo Yunshen’s attention. He was forced to listen at first. But when he realized that it was the climax of his song “Maybe,” he could not help turning toward her.

He saw the woman wearing the veil playing the song gently on her harmonica with eyes closed.

It was charming. She would not have played it so beautifully if she was not gifted.

The familiar melody reminded him inevitably of their memories when he wrote the song for Jing Xi.

At that time, he loved Jing Xi secretly. Because of his physical disability, he did not dare to tell her but could only write a song for her.

With the beautiful melody of the harmonica, Huo Yunshen indulged himself in the dear memories and temporarily forgot about the cruel reality.

He seemed to see Jing Xi kneeling down in front of him. Her eyes sparkled like stars.

He seemed to see Jing Xi running toward him and calling

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