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Chapter 1573: A Stubborn Boy

Jing Xi handed him the toy. Little Grape took it and nodded. “OK.”

“Dinner is ready. Will you come out now?”

Jing Xi reached out her hand. Little Grape blinked his red eyes and hesitated for a while before he finally placed his little hand in hers.

She got him out and tided his clothes. “Let’s go. I’ll help you hide this now. We’ll play with it again tomorrow. OK?”


Little Grape gave her the toy. Jing Xi found a good place to hide it and then took him to the dining hall.

There was no one but the maids in the hall. Huo Yunshen was still busy working in his study. And Ying Bao was in her own room. Seeing the empty dining hall, Jing Xi proposed, “Your Highness, I need you to help me call your sister and daddy for dinner. And I will set the table. Shall we?”

Little Grape frowned and answered, “I’ll call my sister, not daddy.”

What a stubborn boy!

Jing Xi laughed and said, “Fine, just your sister.”

Little Grape ran to get his sister and Jing Xi went into the kitchen to serve dinner.

In a short while Little Grape brought Ying Bao to the table. And Jing Xi attended to them.

Little Grape used to be very picky. But now he liked whatever Jing Xi made for them.

It seemed his stomach had become twice its original size.

Ying Bao could not help looking at Jing Xi while eating. She wondered where this auntie came from. She did not have a pretty face. But she cooked really well. It was almost like her mother’s.

How she missed her mother!

While they were having dinner, Auntie Lan came back. Jing Xi greeted her and said, “Auntie Lan, the dinner was served. I have to head back now.”

“Sure. Take care.”

“Thank you.”

While Jing Xi took off the apron Little Grape called, “Auntie Xiaoxi!”

“Yes, what?”

“Are you coming tomorrow?”

Little Grape was staring at her. His eyes glowed like diamonds and were filled with expectation.

Seeing him acting like that, Jing Xi suddenly recalled Little Tieniu.

Little Tieniu also used to say this every time she left… Mommy, are you coming back tomorrow?

Seeing the prince and princess staring at her, Jing Xi felt touched and smiled back at them. “Of course I will be back tomorrow. Your Highness, will you be a good boy and wait for me?”

“Sure.” Little Grape nodded seriously as if he was making a promise.

“See you!”

Jing Xi waved goodbye. Then she went back to the kitchen and took some fruit before she left.

Rushing back to their home in the suburbs, she saw from some distance that Little Tieniu was waiting for her by the door.

Seeing her coming back, the boy ran joyfully to her and called, “Mommy!”


Jing Xi opened her arms and cuddled him for a few seconds.

“Mommy, why did you come back so late? Niuniu missed you!” Little Tieniu kissed her on the cheek.

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