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Chapter 1560: Leaving Her Jaw Wide Open

Jing Xi was also hungry, but she was used to it.

It was finally their turn. Jin Hua was the first to go in as Jing Xi waited outside for her.

But not even 10 minutes had passed when Jin Hua came back out in a bad mood.

“How did it go? Did you pass?” Jing Xi asked.

“Pass my ass! I thought you said there’s no requirement? Why did they reject me as soon as I went in?” Jin Hua scolded.

“Did they say why?”

“They told me I looked like I was going for a pageant contest!” Jin Hua said. “What’s wrong with looking good?”

“Hey, look on the bright side. It’s just a nanny job. You aren’t the only one who didn’t make it. Look at them,” Jing Xi said and pointed at other people who looked down too.

Jin Hua scanned around her and realized most other people were better looking than she was.

“It’s my turn,” Jing Xi said when one of the employees shouted her name. “Wait for me here.”


Jin Hua bet that her sister would be kicked out from the interview room in just a minute.

But contrary to her expectation, Jing Xi was in there longer.

The interviewer was an old lady. She first scanned Jing Xi from top to bottom and saw that Jing Xi was not wearing anything fancy. It left a good impression.

“Miss Jin, why are you wearing a veil?” the interviewer asked.

“My face was burned a long time ago and has a huge scar on it,” Jing Xi explained. “I’m afraid that it might be too hard to look at.”

“It’s okay. Can you take it off, please?”

Jing Xi nodded and slowly took off the veil.

The old lady looked at Jing Xi and made sure she wasn’t lying.

“I see… You can put it back on now,” the old lady nodded.

Jing Xi could tell that the old lady was kind as she did not stare at her with a disdainful look like everybody else would.

Truth to be told, Jing Xi met all the hidden requirements that the old lady had set up.

Or to be more precise, it was a requirement that the king had requested. He needed someone that wasn’t good looking.

And Jin Xiaoxi fit that category.

The old lady began to ask Jing Xi’s several questions, and Jing Xi answered all of them.

Jing Xi did mention that she was the mother of a three-year-old son.

The more Jing Xi answered, the more the old lady felt that she fit the role. They had planned to hire someone who actually was a mother and had experience in taking care of children.

Jing Xi passed the first part of the interview. The second part included questions on the knowledge of a child’s upbringing, and Jing Xi passed it with flying colors.

And when Jing Xi passed the third part too, the old lady told her that she had given the preliminary interview and asked her to come back three days later for the next interview.

Jing Xi took the notice on the second interview from the old lady and left. She found Jin Hua waiting outside for her.

“What the heck are you doing?” Jin Hua scolded as soon as she saw

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