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Chapter 1575: Taking Care Of Her

She stayed with the Jin family to pay back their kindness, not to be bullied.

Ge Juhua knew that Jing Xi was the only one who could provide for the family now. If she left, how could the rest of them make a living?

Considering that, Ge Juhua had to promise reluctantly. “Fine, fine. I’ll cook for them and take care of them. Are you satisfied?”

“I hope you mean it. If I ever find you lying again, I’ll leave with them right away.”

Jing Xi made it serious. Greedy as Ge Juhua was, she had to listen to Jing Xi now.

She answered obediently, “Of course. How could you say this to your mother?”

After reaching an agreement with Ge Juhua, Jing Xi went to the kitchen and cooked dinner for Da Heiniu and his son.

She brought the dishes to their small room, placed them on the table and call the two over. “Brother Heiniu, Niuniu, dinner is ready.”

“Mommy!” Niuniu ran joyfully toward her.

Jing Xi lifted him up and placed him on the chair. The little boy could eat well by himself now.

After dinner, Jing Xi gave Niuniu a bath and helped him change his clothes. Then she attended to Mo Yutian.

When they were both settled, she went to take a shower and wash their clothes. Then she returned to the small room again.

She could finally get some sleep.

It had been such a long day. She was exhausted and just wanted to have a good rest.

Jing Xi almost fell asleep instantly. But Mo Yutian lost sleep. He thought it through and tried to break the ice.


“Em…” Jing Xi mumbled.

They could not see each other in the darkness. But something felt slightly different in the small room tonight.

After a while Mo Yutian pulled up his strength to speak. “Xiaoxi, let’s be a real couple from now on! You already married me. I will try my best to be a good husband. Although I cannot walk properly now, I will find a way to provide for the family. Xiaoxi, would you like to spend the rest of your life with me?”

Mo Yutian’s plan was that he would eventually send Little Apple back and continue to be Da Heiniu and live with Jin Xiaoxi.

He would like to take care of her for the rest of their lives.

It was she who had helped them when they were most helpless, and taken care of them throughout the years.

He could never do enough to pay back her kindness.

But he could take care of her for the rest of their lives.

He made the proposal and waited for her reply. But she didn’t say a word.

When he tried to listen more carefully, Mo Yutian realized that she was already asleep.

So did she hear anything he said?

On the following day, Jing Xi woke up very early.

She made breakfast for the two and left early.

It took her at least two hours to commute from the suburb to downtown. Jing Xi left at 6 am and arrived at Triumph Palace just after 8 am.

All the servants in the palace were already gathered for their deputy chief Yao Zheng’s morning briefing.

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