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Chapter 1580: Causing Her Troubles

After they found a spot to set up the picnic, Huo Yunshen took the kids to play in the park while the servants began to prepare everything else.

Lan Yi did not follow the group as Yao Zheng and her followers were responsible for the picnic. The only reason Jing Xi was able to join was because of Little Grape.

Yao Zheng started to instruct the servants regarding their tasks.

She was disgusted when she saw Jin Xiaoxi standing by the side and began to think of ways to make her suffer.

“Jin Xiaoxi, why are you standing there?” Yao Zheng scolded. “Go set up the balloon castle!”

“Manager, I thought my job here was to take care of the prince? Shouldn’t other people handle that?” Jing Xi replied.

Yao Zheng could easily guess that it was Lan Yi who had instructed Jing Xi to oppose her and got angry.

“The castle is for the prince and princess! Isn’t that serving the prince too? Hurry up and get it done!”

Since it was for the kids, Jing Xi decided not to fight back.

The huge balloon castle had already been pulled down from the truck and placed on the grass.

A blower was needed to set up such a huge toy, but Yao Zheng only gave Jing Xi a small hand pump.

It was clear that Yao Zheng was trying to cause Jing Xi as much trouble as she could.

But since Jing Xi still had her family to feed, she decided that it was best to not go up against Yao Zheng.

She began to pump the castle.

Even though the pump was small, Jing Xi had a lot of time to finish it and it was an excellent way to pass time.

The servants began to place the basket of foods by the sheets, waiting for the king and his family to return.

Yao Zheng had already heard from other people that Jing Xi was able to win the prince’s heart because of the food she made.

She had also learned that the picnic foods were made by Jing Xi and Lan Yi and decided to try how good Jing Xi’s meals were.

She opened the basket and took a bite.

“Manager,” one of the servants who noticed said. “You shouldn’t do that. The king will punish you for it…”

“I’m just testing to see if it’s been poisoned or not. What’s wrong with that?”

After trying some of the foods, Yao Zheng couldn’t believe it, as they were really good, even better than the chefs’ at the castle.

Yao Zheng began to worry that the king might fall in love with Jing XI’s food.

“Throw it away!” Yao Zheng quickly ordered.

“Why are we throwing it away?” the servant asked. “What are we supposed to serve the king?”

“Are you stupid? Send someone to the palace to fetch some food over!”

Jing Xi was still pumping the castle when she heard Yao Zheng scolding someone else.

When she raised her head, she saw that one of the servants was about to throw the food away.

Infuriated by the scene, Jing Xi ran towards the servant and stopped her.

“Why are you throwing the food away?”

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