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Chapter 1570: A Chance to Get Close to the King

Yao Zheng thought that it was a chance that God has given to her. She felt that she was meant to stay by Huo Yunshen’s side to replace Jing Xi.

She fantasized about being able to be Huo Yunshen’s second wife, which also meant that she could become the queen too.

She even left her own husband and child before running off to the Dragon Kingdom.

Huo Yunshen gave her a job because he was thankful to her for feeding his own son.

Now, she had a chance to stay in the palace and find an opportunity to get close to the king.

“What’s wrong with the prince?” Huo Yunshen asked.

Yao Zheng turned to look at Yin Feng, signaling that it was something that should not be spoken about in front of others.

Huo Yunshen then asked Yin Feng to wait outside before letting Yao Zheng speak.

“It’s like this. I found the prince playing with a gun when I walked past his room. That’s why I came rushing to you,” Yao Zheng said.

“A gun?”

Huo Yunshen suddenly remembered that his son used to play with his gun in the past. Realizing how dangerous the situation was, he got up and ran to his son’s room with Yao Zheng behind him.

When he pushed Little Grape’s door open, the kid was indeed playing with a gun.

Little Grape pointed his “gun” at a stuffed lion and shouted, “Don’t move!”

He was having fun on his own.

Huo Yunshen was scared that Little Grape might accidentally pull the trigger if scared him. Thus he crept slowly towards him.

“Little Grape, what are you doing?”

Little Grape turned around and realized it was his father.

“Daddy! I’m playing a game!”

“Give me the gun,” Huo Yunshen said as he extended his hand in front of his son.

“No! This is mine!”

“Give it to me!”


Huo Yunshen then grabbed Little Grape’s shoulder and snatched the gun away.

It was only then that he realized it was a fake gun.

Even though it was something made out of cardboard, it looked too good to be fake.

It was so real that people would be scared of it if they didn’t know.

“Who gave this to you?”

“Auntie Xiaoxi.”

“The new nanny?”

Little Grape nodded and asked, “Daddy, can I have it back now?”

“No! You’re not allowed to touch this!”

Huo Yunshen scolded him and left.

Little Grape cried as his father took away his prized toy.

Seeing the kid crying, Yao Zheng quickly tried to calm him down.

“Hanghang, please don’t cry. Mommy will buy you something else, okay?”

Yao Zheng thought of herself as the prince’s mother since she was the one who fed him her breast milk.

“No! Go away! You’re not my mother!”


Yao Zheng could not help but feel depressed when she heard the prince say that. She had been raising the prince as if he was her own, but as he got older, they slowly became strangers.

Yao Zheng could only leave the room and go after Huo Yunshen.

After asking around, Huo Yunshen finally learned that

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