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Chapter 1577: Never Let Her Go

Auntie Lan wanted to keep the nanny the prince had picked and was not giving in.

Yao Zheng figured that she could not get rid of this nanny at the moment and had to say, “Of course. As a newcomer, she is not yet familiar with our rules. I’ll give you a pass this time. But never be late again!”

Even if she said so, Yao Zheng had to teach this nanny a lesson and claim her authority. She asked deliberately, “Jin Xiaoxi, with it being your first day at work, you should introduce yourself to the colleagues.”

“Excuse me. I have to say hi to everyone.” Jing Xi let go of the little prince and walked to the front. “Hello, everyone…” She was trying to greet the crowd.

But before she could finish her words, Yao Zheng interrupted, “Can’t you take off your veil? Don’t you know it is very impolite?”

Jing Xi knew that Yao Zheng was trying to embarrass her in front of her colleagues.

But she could not care less. She would never be embarrassed by others’ judgments.

Jing Xi took it off and revealed her ugly face. As expected, people who saw her were all shocked. Their eyes were left wide open as if they had just seen an alien.

“Good morning, everyone. I’m Jin Xiaoxi. It’s my first day here and I’m sure I will learn a lot from you in the future.”

After the greeting, she put the veil back on. Then Yao Zheng let her return to her own position.

The little prince ran to again her and got hold of her hand. It seemed that he really enjoyed her company.

Seeing this Yao Zheng felt even more upset. Little bastard. I raised you but you are never grateful. How could you be so fond of such an ugly nanny?

Auntie Lan was worried that Yao Zheng would pick on Jin Xiaoxi constantly. So she announced in front of everyone, “Since you are all here, I have something to say. Jin Xiaoxi is the new nanny of His Highness. She reports directly to me. No one but His Highness can fire her. From now on, her working hours are flexible based on His Highness’ schedule. And she does not need to join the morning briefing every day. Is that clear?”

People started whispering. They wondered how she could make an exception for a newcomer like Jin Xiaoxi.

Yao Zheng was not afraid of challenging Auntie Lan. She asked, “Auntie Lan, what do you mean? I’m afraid it’s not appropriate. I’m in charge of all the servants here. If you make an exception for her, how should I discipline my team?”

“Whoever needs a reason, come forward! As long as you can get His Highness’ consent and please him, I’ll make exceptions for you too!” Auntie Lan declared. Although they felt unhappy about her decision, no one dared to challenge her.

Jing Xi got it. It seemed that the two women in charge did not get along well. It was nothing that she had come to work a bit late. But Yao Zheng had tried to use it to embarrass Auntie Lan.

Fortunately, the little prince came to save her. Otherwise, Yao Zheng would have fired her today. S

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