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Chapter 1597: Picking On Her

“I’m preparing some meat for His Highness for dinner.”

Actually, Jing Xi was making some stewed meat to go into some stewed meat noodles.

Yao Zheng complained deliberately, “Nonsense. Lunch is barely over. There are hours before dinner. Are you going to do that for the whole afternoon? Don’t loaf on here!”

“I’m not loafing on, Chief Yao. Some materials have to be prepared in advance,” Jing Xi explained.

“Don’t make any excuses. There is lots of work to do in the palace. You are paid a handsome wage and should definitely work hard. His Majesty did hire you to take care of our prince. But you are not just cooking his meals. You are not a cook!”

Jing Xi knew that Yao Zheng was deliberately picking on her. Since she was indeed paid well, she would not mind doing more work.

Therefore she asked, “So what do you want me to do, Chief Yao?”

“Go clean every room.”

Fine. How hard could it be to clean the rooms?

Jing Xi took off the gloves and followed her out. “Sure. I’ll go clean right now.”

She went to the sanitary room and pulled out a trolley. While Jing Xi went to clean the rooms one after another, Yao Zheng came constantly to check on her.

“There, clean it again! Here, can’t you see the stains on the glass? Do it again!”

Yao Zheng kept pointing out things and Jing Xi had to redo almost every corner. Jing Xi could only move on to the next room when Yao Zheng was satisfied.

Finally, she came to the end of the hall, where the room with a golden door was located. Jing Xi remembered that Auntie Lan had told her never to go into that room. Therefore she pulled the trolley back toward the sanitary room.

Then Yao Zheng came again. She seemed angry. “Did you clean the last room?”

“No. Auntie Lan said the servants are not allowed into that room. His Majesty would do it himself.”

“Busy as His Majesty is, how could he clean a room himself? Since you have nothing else to do now, go clean it,” Yao Zheng ordered.


“But what? You are just a nanny. How dare you say no when I’m telling you to do it? If you don’t want to do this, you can leave any time.”

Yao Zheng pointed at the gate and spoke harshly.

Jing Xi could not understand why Yao Zheng was always picking on her. But she could not afford to lose the job. So she had to obey. “Chief Yao, I’m not refusing to clean it. But I don’t have the key.”

Yao Zheng stared at her for a second, then handed her a key.

Therefore Jing Xi had to pull the trolley toward the last room again and open the golden gate with the key.

When she turned the knob, Jing Xi felt extremely nervous.

She wondered what was stored in there.

Could there be priceless paintings, treasures, or other invaluable collections?

Curiosity could kill a cat, and it might also kill someone like Jing Xi. She turned the knob and opened the golden door out of curiosity.

Upon opening the door, she found the room to be no

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