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Chapter 1587: Made Him Relieved

Of course not her!

Huo Yunshen turned coldly to Jin Xiaoxi. Anyone could see that the king was asking for Jin Xiaoxi.

Jing Xi realized that the king was calling her and ran immediately toward him.

When Yao Zheng figured it out she wished she could go into hiding somewhere.

She saw Jin Xiaoxi leave with the king and get onto his car. What the…

It was like being slapped in the face.

How humiliating!

Extremely humiliating!

How could she lose the game to an ugly nanny! She would never give up!

The limo headed back to the Triumph Palace. Jing Xi sat in the back next to Little Grape.

Little Grape had not realized that his Auntie Xiaoxi was not coming with them until he got into the car. Then he cried and asked his father to go back to pick her up.

Now that his Auntie Xiaoxi was here, he placed his little head in her arms.

It felt like lying in his mother’s arms and made him relieved.

“Auntie Xiaoxi, can you take it off?” Little Grape raised his head and asked.

“Why? Are you not afraid of seeing my face?” Jing Xi asked. If the children would not mind, she would love to take it off.

“Not at all! Because I know Auntie Xiaoxi’s face was kissed by the gods,” Little Grape answered secretly.

Jing Xi felt her heart soften upon hearing his words. There was no discriminating.

She was touched!

“Who told you that?” she pulled down the veil and asked.

“Grandma Lan.”

No wonder, it was Auntie Lan!

Auntie Lan was indeed a kind person. She did not look down upon her because of her face, and even made such a nice excuse so that the child would not be afraid either. How sweet she was!

Getting back to the palace, Huo Yunshen parted with the children and went to take care of his business.

Jing Xi brought them to the back and Auntie Lan came out to welcome them.

“Your Highness the Prince and Princess, did you enjoy the picnic?”

Ying Bao lowered her head and said reluctantly, “It might have been better if daddy did not come.”

Auntie Lan patted her on the head and turned to Little Grape. Little Grape answered frankly, “Daddy was very mad.”

So was this the result of a family picnic?

The king had wished to take the children out and have some fun. But eventually, they all came back upset.

Auntie Lan knew that Huo Yunshen had never moved on from the loss of his wife. Therefore, whatever he did would affect the children.

It was also the reason why the two children had become increasingly unsocial under his influence.

The only way to cheer everyone up would be to make the king happy again.

But how could that be possible?

Unless they could find their Queen again!

For the rest of the day, Jing Xi stayed with Little Grape and tried to make him a warship.

Little Grape stayed beside her as her assistant, busying himself by passing her the glue and pens joyfully.

To be able to participate made him feel

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