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Chapter 1567: He Had Illusions

Auntie Lan was in the hall directing some servants to carry out their assignments. Jing Xi came and asked, “Auntie Lan, what shall I do now?”

“Here you go. These are His Highness’ daily routines. You should keep them in mind.”

Auntie Lan gave her a sheet and Jing Xi put it in her bag.

Then Auntie Lan took her to a room. “This is your room. You can stay here so as to take good care of the prince.”

Auntie Lan had assigned her a room in the palace.

It was right next to the prince’s room so that she could attend to him easily.

The rooms in the royal palace were all spacious and luxurious. But Jing Xi could not stay here. “I’m truly sorry, Auntie Lan. I’m afraid I cannot stay overnight. I have to take care of my husband and kid. They cannot live by themselves. I can only be here for the day.”

Auntie Lan understood her situation and said, “You live in the suburbs and it will take you a long time to commute every day. We provide you a room here as a part of the benefits. We’ll keep it for you even if you are not staying here. And you can stay whenever you need.”

“I see. Thank you very much.”

“Now you should go take care of His Highness and follow his daily routines. You can come to me whenever you need any help. If I’m not available you can always ask Yao Zheng.”

“Who is Yao Zheng?”

“She used to be the wet nurse of His Highness when he was little. Now she serves as the deputy chief butler, similar to my position.”

“I see.”

Having finished the briefing, Auntie Lan went to take care of other things while Jing Xi went to attend to the little prince.

It was said that the little prince never took a nap at noon. He had been playing in the garden after lunch.

Inside the garden several servants were by his side.

Jing Xi came and saw the little prince playing with three Samoyeds.

She could tell that he really loved them. He seemed less unruly and cold when playing with the puppies.

For some reason, she kept thinking of Little Tieniu when she was with the little prince. They were about the same age, but were from completely different upbringings.

Little Tieniu did not have a mother and had led a life by begging with his father. And the poor little boy suffered from a hearing problem.

The little prince did not have a mother either. He lived with his father, the King, and his sister. Lacking a loving mother, he must have been extremely lonely.

Neither of them had a mother. Poor boys.

She felt for them both.

Jing Xi stayed quietly by the little prince and watched him play.

But she did not know that someone upstairs was watching them too.

There was a window in Huo Yunshen’s study that faced the garden. He came by the window upon hearing his son’s voice and happened to see the nanny in the veil.

She was standing right there. If it was not for her face, he could really have mistaken her for Jing Xi.

Huo Yunshen shook his head

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