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Chapter 1352: It Suddenly Doesn’t Hurt Anymore(4)

It was Jun Yan’s first time meeting Ren Meixin, but he had no idea when he had saved Ouyang Feifei once.

Gu Yici quickly took care of the wound on Ouyang Feifei’s knee.

“All right, it’s done. Don’t let the wound come in contact with water for a week,” Gu Yici said.

“Is that it? Can she walk now?” Ren Meixin asked worriedly.

She told her daughter to try and walk. But as soon as Ouyang Feifei got up, the pain from her ankle made her sit back down.

“Oh, right! She sprained her ankle too,” Jun yan said.

“Wait, let me have a look,” Gu Yici said.

But as soon as he touched Ouyang Feifei’s ankle, the pain made her pull her leg back.

Gu Yici grabbed her foot and twisted a little.

“Looks like it’s dislocated,” Gu Yici said. “I’m not good with this. I think its best if we send her to the hospital.”

Ouyang Feifei’s face turned pale from the pain, and she was sweating heavily on her forehead.

Jun Yan was a little hurt when he saw her trying her best to hold her pain and tears in.

“No need for that,” Xu Xiyan said. “We have an experienced bonesetter here.”

Xu Xiyan quickly brought her grandfather over to take a look at Ouyang Feifei.

Jing Huatook took a look at Ouyang Feifei’s ankle before setting it back in a swift motion.

“Young lady, try and move your ankle,” Jing Huaduo said.

Ouyang Feifei moved her ankle, and surprisingly, it did not hurt anymore.

“I think it’s cured…” Ouyang Feifei said.

“Oh, my! Thank you so much! You’re a savior!” Ren Meixin cried.

After seeing with her own eyes, Ren Meixin was surer that Renjing was not a fluke. She decided to introduce more patients to Jing Huaduo’s clinic.

“You’ll be fine. It’s best if you don’t wear any heels for the next few days,” Jing Huaduo said.

The dance had ended early because of Ouyang Feifei’s injury, but luckily it did not affect the wedding. Everyone was still happy that night.

The Ouyang family left with Ouyang Feifei on her father’s back.

Ouyang Feifei did not even look at Jun Yan when she left.

Jun Yan was a little unhappy about what had happened. He blamed himself for inviting Ouyang Feifei to dance. He thought that she would’ve left if he did not do so.

When everyone had almost left, Jing Xi found some time to talk with Jun Yan.

“Hey, what’s wrong? You looked like you were not having fun.”


But Jing Xi was not blind. She noticed that when Jun Yan took Ouyang Feifei back to the castle, the latter’s eyes were red. It meant that Ouyang Feifei had been crying before that. Jing Xi could guess what had happened before.

“Come on, what happened between you and Feifei? Maybe I can help you.”

“I really have no idea. It was my first time meeting her when I was appointed as the General, but she acted like I’d known her for quite some time,” Jun Yan sighed. “She kept saying things that I didn’t understand. She even looked sad whe

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