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Chapter 1370: The Way They Sleep

Ying Bao started to pull Tang Feimo’s face until it became distorted, and it made Ying Bao laugh more.

They played for a long time until they were totally worn out and fell asleep.

They even held each other’s hands tightly when they slept.

Jing Xi woke up early the next day to prepare breakfast and picnic foods.

When she realized that it was past the time for the kids to wake up, she went upstairs to Ying Bao’s room

But as soon as she got to the second floor, the door to the guest room opened, and out came Huangpu Xuanye, who was fully dressed.

Unlike the suit he had worn the day before, he changed into more casual clothes.

“Did you sleep well?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“Yes, thank you.” Huangpu Xuanye nodded politely to the owner of the manor.

“Good then. Can you wait in the dining room for us? Breakfast is already prepared. I’ll have to wake the kids up.”


Huangpu Xuanye went down the stairs.

Jing Xi came to Ying Bao’s room and pushed the door open slowly. But as soon as she saw the kids, she tried to hold her laughter in.

Ying Bao was still sleeping soundly in the bed while Tang Feimo had already been kicked to the floor, even though he was sleeping soundly too.

Jing Xi could not help but laugh at Tang Feimo, who was so worn out that he did not even realize he was on the floor.

Jing Xi took out her phone and snapped a photo of the kids before waking them up. She sent the picture to the group chat and tagged Shenlan Shuiqian, which was Liang Lan’s nickname in the chat.

Without taking a few seconds, she started getting responses.

[Qianqian Quege]: Ying Bao and Feimo?

[Three Eyed Monster]: Is this today? Is Feimo in Estan?

{Mr. Jing}: He came with his father yesterday.

[Qianqian Quege]: Isn’t Feimo being bullied by his future wife?

[Mr. Jing]: Yeah! I almost burst out laughing when I saw this!

[Qiufeng Shaoluo Ye]: Nice! She’s just as tough as her mother!

[Mr. Jing]: Hey! I’m a soft lady now!

[Three Eyed Monster]: Yep, just like me!

[Qiufeng Shaoluo Ye]: What? Since when?

[Three Eyed Monster]: Piss off! [angry emoji][punching emoji][knife emoji]

[Qiufeng Shaoluo Ye]: I’m sorry! Forgive me! You’re the most beautiful, most talented, and gentlest woman in the world!

[Three Eyed Monster]: That’s more like it.

[Shenlan Shuiqian]: I just saw the photo. He’s not giving you any trouble, is he?

[Mr. Jing]: No, of course not. We’re taking him with us on a picnic today.

[Qiufeng Shaoluo Ye]: Then come to the beach at my house. It’s clean and quiet.

[Mr. Jing]: Of course. We were planning to go there anyway.

[Qiufeng Shaoluo Ye]: Ok.

[Shenlan Shuiqian]: Thank you for taking care of Feimo. I’ll repay the favor when you come back.

[Mr. Jing]: Don’t worry about it. I’ll have to go now, the kids are awake.

Jing Xi turned off her phone and went back into Ying Bao’s room.


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