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Chapter 1375: Murphy’s Law

She was desperate in seeing them enjoying the feast without her.

Ye Xun was very determined. “No way. It is my house. If you or your babies got hurt, what would I tell my Boss? You’d better behave. I’ll cook whatever you want after you give birth. But not now.”

“Second Brother! You used to be so good to me! Now that you’ve got a girlfriend, I’m nobody to you! Shame on you!”

Jing Xi sat there complaining while rubbing her belly. “Hey, you poor things. Uncle Tree-Leaf only belongs to your sister. Don’t you ever think about his roasted chicken wings.”

Ye Xun was speechless. How could she use her babies as an excuse in order to get some food?

“Fine, fine. Here you go. No more than one pair.”

“Yeah! Sure, sure.”

Jing Xi took over the roasted chicken wings and could not wait to enjoy them. She kept praising how wonderful they were.

After a happy lunch, the kids went to play again. Ye Xun got them a kite and Huangpu Xuanye accompanied the two kids playing with it on the beach.

Under the azure sky, the colorful kite flew through the floating clouds. It could have made a perfect painting.

Jing Xi indulged herself in the coziness and wished it could carry on like that forever.

In the afternoon, Huo Yunshen finished his business and came to pick up his wife and the kids.

On their way back, Huo Yunshen told Jing Xi that Helian Qingyu had arrived in Zstan today for a three-day state visit.

Thinking of Helian Qingyu in Zstan, Jing Xi felt worried about Li Ruochu. “Ruochu got pregnant two months after me. It’s almost five months for her now. Will he meet Ruochu in Zstan this time?”

Huo Yunshen reminded her, “While you are worrying about Li Ruochu, what are you going to with Lan Ling-Er?”

Jing Xi would have already forgotten about Lan Ling-Er if Huo Yunshen had not brought it up.

Speaking of her, there came Lan Ling-Er’s call. Jing Xi showed him the phone and said, “You see, Murphy’s Law.”

Jing Xi knew that she must have called for Helian Qingyu.

She had promised to arrange a meeting for her with Helian Qingyu merely to get a map of Lstan from her. It had been a while and she had already forgotten it.

It became a difficult case now. Helian Qingyu was never serious with Lan Ling-Er. Now that Lan Ling-Er was no longer needed, what should they do with her?

Anyways, she had to answer the phone. Lan Ling-Er did ask as she expected. “Jing Xi, do you still remember what you promised me last time?”

“Of course I remember. I will take you to President Qingyu. But unfortunately he is in Zstan for a state visit and won’t be back soon.”

“Alright. I see. I’ll keep waiting. Please do remember to help me meet him when he’s back.”

“Sure. I will.”

Jing Xi did not feel relieved when the call ended. She felt that Lan Ling-Er seemed like a time bomb.

What if she realized one day that she was not helping?

Would she be provoked and come after her?

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