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Chapter 1385: How Ironic!

In a short while, Huo Yunshen got her admission records and number and came back to pick up Huo Erqi. Gu Yici took them to the ward.

Having settled down, Huo Erqi told her brother, “Yunshen, go take care of your business. I’m fine.”

Gu Yici added, “Yeah, Mr. Huo, I’ll arrange a nurse for her. You go ahead!”

“OK. I’ll pick up Jing Xi and come back later.”

Huo Yunshen took a look at his watch and said to Gu Yici, “Thank you, bro.”

“No problem.”

Hearing Huo Yunshen calling him that, Gu Yici knew that they were good friends now.

Getting out of the hospital, Huo Yunshen headed for the international exhibition center to pick up his wife.

Inside the international exhibition center.

Jing Xi and Qiao Ruoxi had already watched a series of wonderful jewel shows.

When it came to Mu Jewelry, Qiao Ruoxi was immediately upset upon seeing the model.

She was not expecting Wen Ke-Er to model in the final show and wear the diamond necklace she’d designed for Mu Jewelry.

How ironic!

Some sadness flashed in Qiao Ruoxi’s eyes and Jing Xi happened to see it. “Are you OK, Ruoxi?”

“No worries.”

They raised their heads and happened to see Wen Ke-Er passing by. She looked down upon them in contempt.

Qiao Ruoxi felt restless and wanted to run away.

Jing Xi sensed something wrong and asked, “Do you know her? The international fashion icon, Wen Ke-Er?”

“No. Excuse me. I need to use the bathroom.”

Qiao Ruoxi ran out of the venue and got into the bathroom.

In a short while, a group of models came in too.

“Sister Ke-Er, you were amazing just now! Absolutely gorgeous!”

“Indeed! Awesome. It is only Ke-Er who could have made it.”

“I think I saw Mr. Feng Yunan previously. He must have come for Ke-Er, right?”

“Definitely. We all know how Mr. Feng spoils his Ke-Er.”

Being flattered by the group of ass-kissers, Wen Ke-Er found herself up on cloud nine.

Entering the bathroom, she ran into Qiao Ruoxi who was about to leave. Wen Ke-Er blocked her way instantly.

“Qiao Ruoxi, I saw you earlier on. What are you doing here?”

Some of Wen Ke-Er’s acquaintances knew Qiao Ruoxi. They mocked, “Ke-Er, what a coincidence. She must have come all the way to Estan for Mr. Feng.”

“Yeah. What are you doing here? Who do you think you are?

“Haha, stop daydreaming!”

They made some fun of Qiao Ruoxi. Then Wen Ke-Er asked them to leave, as she wanted a word with her.

“What do you want?”

Qiao Ruoxi did not want to talk to Wen Ke-Er at all.

Wen Ke-Er paced in front of Qiao Ruoxi with her arms folded. She sneered, “I’m telling you. Don’t ever try playing any tricks in front of me. I told you to stay away from him. Why didn’t you listen?”

“He came to me. What could I do?”

Qiao Ruxi was not intimidated at all.

“If you weren’t seducing him, he would never have taken a single glance at you.”

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