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Chapter 1359: The Ungrateful Bastard (11)

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Particularly Helian Qingyu. She had raised him and taken care of him for more than twenty years. But he turned out to be an ungrateful bastard.

He was after all not her own son, hence why he would not stand by her side. How could she leave this ungrateful one out there?

To see the four of them living happily ever after?

No way!

Yun Xuerou stood there for a long while before she left for the Northland. She was going there to draw out some help in order to seek revenge.

After their parents’ wedding, Helian Qingyu went on planning a series of state visits with his new government.

He also tried his best to support the reestablishment of Dragon Kingdom. They had finished the initial stages of restoration.

Meanwhile, Helian Qingyu also made an incentive policy to reward the exiled residents of Dragon Kingdom in Estan who would be willing to relocate back to the new Dragon Kingdom.

Upon hearing the news, those exiled in Estan were mostly excited and very much wanted to return to their homeland.

It was especially encouraging for the seniors who had never stopped being nostalgic.

They were all looking forward to the reestablishment of their country, and the day that they could return to their land.

Then, Helian Qingyu started his first state visit to the Northland.

He was grateful for the king of the Northland who refused to ally with the rebels and had supported him to the very last moment.

Now that he had succeeded the presidency, the first thing he wanted to do was to maintain a friendly relationship with the Northland.

Three days later Helian Qingyu arrived at the Northland.

The Northland situated to the north of Estan was a developed industrial power.

Li City was the capital, where their meeting venue, the Wall Palace, was located.

Helian Qingyu and his retinues came to the Wall Palace and were accorded with a grand reception hosted by King Huangpu Heng.

Huangpu Heng had been a good friend to Helian Wei. Seeing the son of his old buddy, he felt like talking to his own juniors.

The state visit, therefore, went successfully. At the end of their visit, Huangpu Heng invited Helian Qingyu over for a private gathering at his home.

Inside the imperial castle, Helian Qingyu had a chance to meet Huangpu Heng’s wife, Lady Rose.

Helian Qingyu had heard that Huangpu Heng’s first wife had died earlier on and he married his second wife in his forties.

But this wife was a mysterious figure who never showed up in public.

When Helian Qingyu met Lady Rose, she was wearing a veil. She seemed pretty young and well taken care of.

Instead of being indifferent, she showed quite a bit of respect for Helian Qingyu and even prepared the feast herself.

Inside the castle Huangpu Heng took Helian Qingyu to meet his only son Huangpu Xuanye.

Huangpu Xuanye was merely seventeen.

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