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Chapter 1354: Karma(6)

Ye Xun stared at Ni Xuelin and finally gave up.

“Fine. But you better wipe your glasses clean if you want to be in a relationship, you hear me? Don’t say yes to every man!”

“I get it!”

After successfully persuading her brother, Ni Xuelin ran back to Qi Fang’s car.

Ye Xun watched until the car had left and went to look for Huo Sanyan.

“Yanyan, come on, we should go home too,” Ye Xun said once he found Huo Sanyan.

“I’m staying at my brother’s place today!”

Huo Sanyan did not want to go back with Ye Xun and hid behind Jing Xi.

“You’ll just be a bother to them! Come on.”

Ye Xun had already opened the door to his sports car for her.

But Huo Sanyan did not get into his car and instead ran into Huo Yunshen’s car, closing the door behind her.

“What are you doing?” Ye Xun scolded as he opened the door. “Are you coming back with me or not?”

“Are you going to let me stay with this kind of man? Look at how scary he is!” Huo Sanyan complained to Huo Yunshen. “Can you let me stay at your place for one night?”

Huo Yunshen looked out the window, and Ye Xun was looking at him, pleading for help.

Huo Yunshen was irritated by it. He could not believe that Ye Xun still could not get Huo Sanyan to love him back.

“All right, you can come with me.”

Huo Yunshen gave Ye Xun a signal with his eyes and Ye Xun understood the meaning behind it.

“Thank you, my dear brother! You are the best!” Huo Sanyan smiled and turned to look at Ye Xun as he closed the door.

Huo Sanyan even stuck her tongue out at Ye Xun, signaling her victory.

Huo Yunshen’s car began to move, and Ye Xun ran back to his car and followed behind them.

As the car drove, Huo Sanyan noticed that they weren’t taking the usual road back to Yunjing Manor.

“Hey, are we going somewhere? The Yunjing Manor is not here.”

She could make out that they were driving towards Ye Xun’s mansion.

“We’re taking another route,” Huo Yunshen explained.

“I see…”

The car finally stopped in front of Ye Xun’s mansion.

“We’re here. You can leave now,” Huo Yunshen said to Huo Sanyan.

“What? I thought you said you would let me stay at your place?” Huo Sanyan scolded.

“I did not. I just said that you could ride with me.”

“What the…! Come on, is this how you treat your sister? Why are you siding with Ye Xun anyway? He’s a bully!”

“Do you still remember how you kept spoiling me and Jing Xi’s time when we had just started dating? This is payback.”

“…” Huo Sanyan was about to cry out of desperation.

She finally understood what karma was.

But before Huo Sanyan could oppose, Ye Xun stopped his car behind them. He got out of his car and opened the door on Huo Sanyan’s side.

“What now? Still going to run?” Ye Xun asked with a huge smile on his face.


Huo Sanyan could only curse Ye Xun in her head for losing again.

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