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Chapter 1367: Choking With Rage For His Little Wife (19)

Huangpu Xuanye nodded. So Ying Bao held his hand and walked to Tang Feimo cheerfully.

Tang Feimo was not cheerful at all when watching them chatting from some distance. Seeing her talking to the big boy, he felt very upset.

Instead of going to her, he waited for her to come back.

Now she was finally coming to him, but together with that big boy.

“Brother Feimo, let me introduce you. He is a prince!”

Ying Bao looked proud when saying so. Tang Feimo sneered and folded his arms. “What prince…”

“A real prince, not one from a storybook.”

Ying Bao tried to explain but Tang Feimo still seemed indifferent. “So what? Can he ride a horse?”

Ying Bao had to turn to ask Huangpu Xuanye for an answer. “Uncle Prince, can you ride a horse?”

Huangpu Xuanye nodded. Ying Bao grinned and said, “Yes he can.”

Failing to beat him on that, Tang Feimo thought and asked again, “What about archery?”

Ying Bao turned to ask again, “Uncle Prince, can you do archery?”

Huangpu Xuanye nodded again. And Ying Bao shrugged and said, “Yes he can do that too.”

Tang Feimo could not help furrowing his handsome eyebrows. He cupped his chin and thought for a while, then he asked, “Oh, I got this. I bet he cannot sing the national anthem of Zstan!”

Ying Bao turned again and this time Huangpu Xuanye shook his head. Tang Feimo was finally pleased. “You see, I told you he could not sing it!”

However, Ying Bao suddenly suggested, “Uncle Prince, I’ll teach you!”

What… Tang Feimo choked with rage. His little wife was determined to push him to hell.

Could you stop favoring that so-called prince? I am your future husband, you know?

Ying Bao proposed to teach Uncle Prince to sing. But seeing Tang Feimo being upset she lost the mood too. “Brother Feimo, what’s wrong? Are you mad at me?”


“No? Then why are you pouting?”

Tang Feimo failed to provide a proper excuse. Then Ying Bao got hold of his hand and urged, “Brother, don’t be mad. Let’s take Uncle Prince to play with us. If it was not for him you would have never seen me again.”

Tang Feimo seriously hated to hang out with this prince. But he could never reject her. In the end, he had to agree, “Fine, fine.”

“Yeah! Let’s play together! Uncle Prince, do you want to try the slide?”

Ying Bao had already gotten to the top.

“You go ahead. I’ll stay here.”

Huangpu Xuanye was already 17 years old. He could no longer play the kids games. But he was willing to stay and watch Ying Bao play.

Harmony was restored. Tang Feimo was playing happily with Ying Bao again. And Huangpu Xuanye stayed watching them quietly.

Hearing Ying Bao’s gurgling, he found himself cheered up too.

How he wished that he could see Ying Bao every day and hear her gurgling constantly!

They played until noon when Jing Xi came to call them for lunch.

It was a feast. Jing Xi and Huo Yunshen treated the

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