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Ouyang Feifei was speechless. How could he be so ridiculous?

She had made it very clear. But what was he doing now?

Anyhow, she would be engaged to another man in a month. She knew that she’d better stay away from Jun Yan.

“Please let go of me! Leave me alone!”

“Sorry, I can’t. I have to make sure you are safe.”

Jun Yan ignored her struggling and kept walking with her in his arms. She seemed helpless in front of this muscular male figure.

He took her all the way back to the castle and Ouyang Feifei had to give up struggling.

The ball was halfway through and many people were taking a break by the side.

When Jun Yan held Ouyang Feifei back they caught quite some attention.

Seeing him holding her in the arms, they wondered what was going on with these two.

Jing Xi was surprised to see them coming back like this. “Eldest Brother, you…”

“Miss Ouyang fell in the garden and hurt her knee and ankle. She needs to be attended to now.”

“Sure, sure. We happen to have a doctor here.”

Jing Xi had someone get the medical kit and called Gu Yici to help.

Jun Yan placed Ouyang Feifei on the couch.

Ouyang Feifei kept looking down without taking a glance at him.

Her parents rushed to her, and so did the others.

Ren Meixin was frightened to see her daughter bleeding. “Feifei, what happened? You are bleeding! What should we do?”

Ren Meixin treasured her daughter so much, since she was a baby and could never bear the sight of her being hurt, not to mention her bleeding.

Ouyang Qing was also worried. “Step aside. We should let Doctor Gu take care of it.”

Ren Meixin got up and gave way to Gu Yici. He came to attend to her wound and said, “Don’t worry. As long as we have it properly disinfected and bandaged, you will be fine soon.”

“Such a huge wound! What if it leaves a scar? How could she wear dresses in the future?”

Ren Meixin was extremely worried. Ouyang Qing tried to stop her. “As long as her legs are fine, why bother worrying about dresses? Don’t be silly!”

“How could that be silly? Our daughter has always been proud of her charming legs. What a pity it would be if there was a scar!”

Jing Xi tried to ease her mind. “Auntie, no worries. I’ll give her something to remove any scars. Trust me!”

“OK, OK.” Ren Meixin finally stopped worrying about the scar. But recalling that her daughter was taken here by Jun Yan, she asked again, “Jun Yan, do you know why she fell? What happened?”

“Miss Ouyang…”

While Jun Yan was wondering how to put it, Ouyang Feifei gave an explanation. “Mother, I went out for some fresh air but accidentally fell in the garden. It was very kind of the General to take me back.”

Hearing her explanation, Jun Yan felt relieved. Ren Meixin had no doubt in her daughter’s words and the couple thanked Jun Yan again.

“Jun Yan, thank you so much for saving our Feifei again. How could we pay back your kindness?”

“Don’t mention it,” Jun Yan a

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