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Huangpu Xuanye had visited Estan in the past and knew how big the Moon Castle was.

“My castle is bigger than the Moon Castle,” Huangpu Xuanye said.

“Really?” Ying Bao tilted her head and tried to imagine what the castle would look like.

Huangpu Xuanye tried to hide his laughter when he saw Ying Bao’s surprised face. He noticed that sand was stuck on Ying Bao’s face, and he wanted to help her.

But before his hand could reach Ying Bao, Tang Feimo rushed in and stood between them.

“Cherry, don’t believe him. Who knows if he really has a castle or not!” Tang Feimo said as he grabbed Ying Bao’s hand.

“But he’s a prince,” Ying Bao argued, thinking that all princes lived in castles.

“What’s special about that? I have a classmate who’s a prince too,” Tang Feimo said. “His father sells fishballs, and everyone calls him the Prince of Fishballs. But he doesn’t live in a castle, and instead his house is filled with fishballs.”

Ying Bao laughed when she imagined a house filled with fishballs.

While the kids were having fun, the barbeque was almost done.

“Hey, come and eat!” Ye Xun shouted at the kids.

“Come on, the food’s done!”

Ying Bao grabbed Tang Feimo’s hand and pulled him back to where Ye Xun was.

But she soon stopped and turned to wave at Huangpu Xuanye.

“Uncle Prince! Come on!”

Huangpu Xuanye got up and walked towards the kids.

The barbequed foods and the sushi that Ye Xun and Xu Xiyan had prepared were more than enough for everyone.

Ye Xun took the first chicken wing and handed it to Ying Bao.

“Come, try your daddy’s signature Honey Chicken Wing.”

“Thank you!”

Huangpu Xuanye stared at Ye Xun for a long time and suddenly asked, “How many daddies does Ying Bao have?”

For the usually quiet Huangpu Xuanye to ask such a funny question, the adults all laughed at it.

“I have three daddies,” Ying Bao answered. “First is my real daddy, then is Uncle Treeleaf, and then the last one is Uncle Three!”

Maybe because Huangpu Xuanye had never seen anyone with so many daddies, he started to wonder if Jing Xi was married to three different men.

Ye Xun continued to give both Tang Feimo and Huangpu Xuanye their own chicken wings.

Huangpu Xuanye stared at the wing. It was his first time eating such food.

The chefs in the castle would never make that kind of food for him.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Xiyan asked when she noticed Huangpu Xuanye was not eating his food. “Does it not suit your taste?”


Huangpu Xuanye took a bite of the chicken wing and found out that it was better than any castle foods he had ever had.

After finishing the first wing, he commented, “Tasty.”

“Have some more,” Ye Xun said.

Ye Xun also took some for Huo Sanyan. Xu Xiyan was the only one who did not get her share.

Jing Xi knew that the Honey Chicken Wing was Ye Xun’s signature dish, and she had not tasted it for a long time.

Jing Xi stared at the wings as her drool

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