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Chapter 1346: Breaking Off The Engagement?

“You seriously have no idea! He’s like a little kid, doing anything he wants!” Jing Ruyue scolded.

She realized that Helian Wei was more persistent than he used to be after living with him for a while.

He cared for her so much that he would do things for her no matter how small the things were.

Jing Ruyue told him not to trouble himself, but he did not even listen to what she said.

She had even once said that she did not want a wedding. Once Helian Wei heard about it, he straight up planned a marriage for her.

Xu Xiyan could not help but laugh after hearing her mother out.

“Come on, mom, why do you have so many opinions right now?” Xu XIyan laughed. “Does he know about them? Don’t tell me you want to break off the engagement? That would hurt him.”

“No, I’m just telling you what’s been happening recently.”

It was Jing Ruyue’s dream to marry Helian Wei and grow old with him.

She vowed that no matter how much Helian Wei would change, she would still be by his side.

“Then there’s nothing to worry about, right?”

Xu XIyan looked in the mirror with her mother. The makeup Jing Ruyue wore elevated her elegance, bringing it to a whole new level.

Perhaps because Jing Ruyue had been happy for the past few weeks. Ever since she was being taken under Helian Wei’s care, Jing Ruyue had gained some weight.

“You’re beautiful! Dad would say that only he could get to marry someone as pretty as you when he sees this!”

“Stop it!”

Jing Ruyue flicked Xu Xiyan’s nose.

Next was Jing Ruyue’s hairdo.

While Xu Xiyan waited, she noticed a few cars stopping at the Rose Garden. People were getting out of them.

“I’ll go greet some of my friends now.”

The first to arrive were Qi Fang and Ni Xuelin. Xu Xiyan was surprised when she saw them coming together.

“Did you two come in the same car?”

“Oh, we happened to meet by coincidence,” Ni Xueling quickly explained.

They hid the fact that they were dating from others and acted as if they were only friends.

“I see. Please, take a seat inside.” Xu XIyan invited them in.

Qi Fang was familiar with the surroundings of the Moon Castle and was explaining it to Ni Xuelin.

Helian Qingyu and Gu Yici came after Qi Fang and Ni Xuelin. When both of them walked towards the castle together, it was as if Xu XIyan was looking at a model runaway.

Jing Huaduo, Jing Zhannan, Jun Yan, Ye Xun, and Huo Sanyan arrived after that.

It was Huo Sanyan’s first visit to the castle. She did not go into the castle at first and instead pulled Ye Xun to walk around the Rose Garden.

The last to arrive was the Ouyang family.

Ouyang Feifei noticed that Jun Yan was also present at the wedding. She could not help but recall the night when Jun Yan dumped her coldly.

She no longer greeted Jun Yan like she always did and stayed by her parents’ side.

Jun Yan was talking to Helian QIngyu when he heard the la

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