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Chapter 1379: Grieved To Be Part

Tang Feimo cuddled Ying Bao and placed a kiss on her lips. He felt so grieved to be parting.

Seeing them being so inseparable, their parents could not help curling up their lips. How could they be so precocious?

Finally, Tang Feimo got into the car. Jing Xi and Huo Yunshen took Ying Bao and sent them to the airport.

They held hands all the way to the airport while Tang Feimo made a few more rules for her, such as she could not sleep with Huangpu Xuanye nor visit his home, so on and so forth.

Ying Bao agreed to them all.

When they were gone, Ying Bao seemed very upset on their way home.

She would not be able to see Tang Feimo for a long while and was so sad about it.

However, once they got back to Yunjing Villa and she saw Huangpu Xuanye again, she forgot about her grief instantly.

In her later stages of pregnancy Jing Xi had to go to the doctor more frequently. It was the day to visit the doctor again.

Huo Yunshen accompanied her to the hospital. The result showed that their babies were perfectly healthy. Then he went to the prenatal training class together with her.

He learned carefully from the teacher how to help her ease the burden and fatigue, and took detailed notes.

After the training, Huo Yunshen gave her two tickets on their way home.

Jing Xi was surprised. “Wow! Tickets to the coming jewel exhibition! Thank you, honey! I was planning to go!”

She praised him with a kiss on the cheek. Huo Yunshen smiled. “You can invite your classmate or my third sister to go with you.”

Huo Younshen assumed that women all loved jewels, hence they must also like to see the exhibition. Plus, Jing Xi was studying jewelry design at the moment.

The Blue Gemstone also participated in the show, which would be held in the International Exhibition Center of Estan. Therefore he’d gotten the tickets from his second sister.

“Great. I’ll ask Qiao Ruoxi to go with me. She mentioned it last time.”


“I’m texting her right now.”

Jing Xi texted Qiao Ruoxi and sent her a photo of the tickets. Qiao Ruoxi replied instantly that she would go.

“It is tomorrow at seven o’clock.” Jing Xi sent another voice message.

Huo Yunshen passed her a diamond card. “Take this and buy whatever you like there.”

“OK. My pleasure. Thank you, honey.” Jing Xi took the card joyfully.

All of a sudden, their car shook violently. Jing Xi hurried to reach for the handle and asked, “What’s up?”

Huo Yunshen broke out in a cold sweat. He tried to hold the wheel tightly and turned to comfort her. “Nothing. I almost hit an animal.”

Jing Xi didn’t doubt his explanation, despite the fact that she had not seen an animal out there.

In fact, there was no animal at all. It was Huo Yunshen who had suddenly lost his vision for a second.

He wondered if it was because of the tons of pressure he’d been undergoing lately.

Could it cause a decrease in his eye

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