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Chapter 1369: I’m Staying With You

“Alright. I’ll go by myself. Feimo, behave yourself and listen to Aunt Jing and Uncle Huo, OK?”

“I see, I see. You go ahead, Dad.”

Tang Feimo was finally satisfied. He was so excited to stay with Ying Bao.

Tonight he would stay in his little wife’s room!

With the two young guests staying, Su Wanqin proposed to go stay with Mo Yutian for a while in order not be an extra burden for Jing Xi.

Jing Xi would have to take good care of the two young guests now.

It was not troublesome to cook for them. Neither of the boys was picky. They enjoyed whatever she provided.

In terms of accommodation, Jing Xi arranged a guest room for Huangpu Xuanye as well as for Tang Feimo. But he insisted that he would stay with Ying Bao.

“Auntie has made a room specially for you. You can go check it out.”

Jing Xi tried to persuade him. But Tang Feimo seemed so worried, “I cannot stay in that room. What if that boy sneaks into Ying Bao’s room while I am sleeping elsewhere? I have to stay here and watch out for him!”


Jing Xi was amazed by Tang Feimo’s overreacting. Little as he was, he already knew to protect his future wife.

Getting his point, Jing Xi made a compromise. “Fine. Then you stay with her. But her bed is too small for the two of you. I’ll ask Uncle Huo to set up another bed for you. OK?”


Tang Feimo agreed readily. He would have no problem sleeping on the floor as long as he could stay with Ying Bao.

Then Jing Xi had Huo Yunshen set another bed next to Ying Bao’s. He lay down satisfied.

Before turning off the light, Jing Xi told them, “We are going to the beach tomorrow. You two sleep tight, OK? I’ll turn off the light now.”

“Sure. Night mommy!”

“Night Auntie Jing!”


Seeing the two kids close their eyes, Jing Xi turned off the light and closed the door to leave.

What she did not know was, once she left, Ying Bao got up and turned on the light again, then kept hopping on her bed.

“That’s awesome! We’re going to the beach tomorrow! I’m making a huge sand castle!”

Tang Feimo got out from under the quilt and said, “I’ll help you.”


Ying Bo was so excited. She used to go to the beach at her Uncle Tree-Leaf’s house. But she always felt bored without her friends.

With Brother Feimo and Uncle Prince coming together tomorrow, she would surely not be bored again.

They both got up and hopped for a while. Then Tang Feimo realized that it was a bit late. He suggested, “Cherry, I think we’d better go to bed now.”

“OK. Brother Feimo, do you want to sleep on my bed?”

Ying Bao pointed at her own bed.

Tang Feimo was more than willing to. But he was worried. “Your bed is so small. What if I crush it?”

“You won’t. It’s firm. I jump on it everyday and it’s never been crushed.”

“Alright, I’ll sleep with you.”

Tang Feimo, of course, wanted to sleep with Ying Bao. With her invitation, he

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