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Chapter 1361: Hiding Her Identity (13)

With Huangpu Heng gone, there was only Helian Qingyu and Lady Rose left by the table.

Whenever she looked at him, Helian Qingyu put on a courteous smile.

It was Lady Rose who broke the ice. “President Qingyu, do you find me familiar?”

Helian Qingyu nodded instead of lying. “Your Highness, you do look very charming and familiar. It seems we have met before.”

“That being said, I’ll be frank with you.”

Helian Qingyu was confused and wondered what she would say. “Please go ahead.”

Lady Rose dispelled the servants and said, “I want to know if Lan Ling-Er is still in Estan.”

“May I know why Your Highness is asking for Lan Ling-Er?”

“To tell the truth, she’s my daughter.”


It was shocking for Helian Qingyu. He tried to take a closer look at Lady Rose while recalling Lan Ling-Er’s face.

No wonder he found her familiar. She was Lan Ling-Er’s mother!

Helian Qingyu recalled everything he knew about Lan Ling-Er. It was said that her mother was called Lan Qiwei and had died many years ago.

Could she have been alive and become the queen of Northland?

In that case, it made sense why she had been wearing a veil and never showed up in public. She had to hide her identity!

“How surprising! Your Highness is Lan Ling-Er’s mother!”

Helian Qingyu felt a bit sorry.

Lady Rose smiled. “I hope you can help me keep the secret. I’ve only got one request for you: please take good care of my daughter.”

She knew that her daughter was engaged to Helian Qingyu. That was why she joined them tonight and was even willing to take off the veil.

Helian Qingyu was silenced. He was not serious with Lan Ling-Er. She had never been the woman he wanted.

With Lstan destroyed now, Lan Ling-Er was of no further use and Helian Qingyu was not going to continue with her.

Lan Ling-Er had tried various excuses to meet him. But he never gave her a chance.

He assumed that as long as he gave no response, she would eventually give up.

But now, here came her mother who asked him to take good care of her. She said it with a smile, but it seemed more like a warning.

Of course, he would not tell the truth. He had to say, “Sure. I know what I need to do.”

Lady Rose nodded. She was actually thinking that if only Helian Qingyu dared to mistreat her daughter, she would never let him get away with it.

She was nothing but a stepmother right now. Yet her husband did not have much time left and his heir, Huangpu Xuanye, was no good.

The future of the Northland would depend on her. And she was ready to be the queen.

Once she was crowned and empowered with military forces, she would be able to do whatever she wanted.

Her sister, Yun Xuerou, had already come to her for help. She had asked her to kill Helian Qingyu during his visit.

She could have done it. But she refrained from doing so because of her own daughter.

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