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Chapter 1353: Her Trick Behind His Back (5)

It was exactly what Jing Xi had worried about. When the real Jun Yan met with Ouyang Feifei, Ouyang Feifei was definitely the one to be hurt!

“Hey… Eldest Brother, would you promise not to be mad if I make a confession?”

Jing Xi was ready to tell the truth. But she still had to get his promise first.

“Go ahead. I won’t be mad at you!”

“Do you remember when we went across the border of Estan a while ago?”

“Yes, I remember.”

“And do you remember how I looked at that time?”

Jun Yan tried to recall and said, “You were disguised as me.”

“Yeah. That was why. I borrowed your identity and was in disguise when I met Ouyang Feifei. She had no idea I was a woman. Therefore when she saw you she thought it was the disguised me. Do you get it?”


Jun Yan thought it through and finally figured it out!

No wonder Ouyang Feifei seemed to know him well whereas he thought they had never met. It was again Jing Xi playing tricks behind his back.

You bad girl!

Although he had promised not to be mad, Jun Yan could not help being annoyed.

“Little Xixi! You stop!”

Before he could take any actions, Jing Xi had already run to her husband for protection.

She hid in Huo Yunshen’s arms and added, “Eldest Brother, I did this for your sake! When could you find yourself a girlfriend if it was not for me? You made no effort and got a pretty girl now. You should thank me instead! And you are very welcome!”

“Look at what you’ve done!”

Jun Yan could have killed her. But there was actually nothing he could do now.

Ye Xun came to Jun Yan and patted him on the shoulder. “Eldest Bro, I reacted exactly like you when she did the same to me. But you probably will thank her for finding you a perfect match in the near future. You’re just starting up. Enjoy it! Don’t follow my bad example.”

Speaking of that, he looked toward Huo Sanyan who was walking in with Ni Xuelin.

How biting it is now!

Jun Yan said nothing further. Anyhow, he found it hard to swallow being entitled to a girlfriend like this.


The Jun family had arranged a marriage for him long ago when his grandfather was still alive. He was going to be engaged soon.

Ouyang Feifei would have her own life without him, and so would he.

They never belonged together. It was better this way.

They crossed the bridge and got into their cars separately.

Ye Xun asked his sister, “Are you coming with me?”

“Brother, you go ahead with Sanyan. Mr. Qi will give me a ride,” Ni Xuelin answered.

Ye Xun took another glance at Qi Fang. He noticed that this man had been taking extra care of his sister.

He wondered whether they were dating. But Qi Fang had never gotten too close to his sister throughout the night except for a dance.

He had no idea how Ni Xuelin had gotten to know Qi Fang. But in order to protect her, he asked secretly, “How did you get to know him? Are you on

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