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Chapter 1381: Getting Rid Of Her

Huo Erqi failed to hold back her tears. Huo Yunshen cuddled her and patted her on the back.

“No worries, second sister. I’ll take care of Boris. Tell me…what is he up to now?”

“He is in Estan right now. Their band has a show at the National Theatre tonight. I thought he was busy performing with his band in Estan. How could he have married another woman here?”

“Fine. You stay here and wait for me.”

Having her settled, Huo Yunshen left in an outrage.

He would teach Boris a good lesson tonight.

How could he treat his sister like this? Was that because of the decline of the Huo Family?

No way!

Getting out of the hotel, he sent his men from JS First Squadron to investigate Boris.

In a short while, Jing Zhannan took his troop to join him.

Inside the National Theatre of Estan, a grand show was going on. The Blue Hawk band led by Boris was the most popular and their performance escalated the show to a climax.

People were hailing and applauding.

Boris had done it. He and his band had achieved great success.

From now on, he would become famous and no longer be the man behind a successful woman.

After the show, Boris’ wife in Estan came to pick him up. They met backstage and kissed each other violently.

After that the woman cuddled his neck, she said, “Honey, you made it! Congratulations!”

“Thank you! I would have never made it without you.”

“Then when are you divorcing that woman?”

“Very soon… Hey… Who are you? What do you want?”

Before he could finish his words, a group of people surrounded him and pushed him onto the ground. He was well-beaten up.

His Estan wife was frightened and collapsed onto the ground. She did not dare to call out for help or try to rescue him.

Then Boris was propped up and a dark shadow came to him.

When Boris recognized the figure, he gasped, “Yun…Yunshen?”

“How dare you call my name again!”

Huo Yunshen was wearing a black glove on his right hand with lots of metal rivets. He punched Boris in the face, leaving several blood pits on his cheek, with his teeth loosened and mouth bleeding.

“This is for my second sister!”

Huo Yunshen furrowed his handsome eyebrows with distinct killing intent showing in his eyes. He seemed like a most dangerous figure coming out of hell.

Boris felt sharp pain and pleaded, “Yunshen, please stop… It was a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding? Then who is she?”

Huo Yunshen pointed at the woman on the ground.

“Nobody… She’s nobody. I have nothing to do with her. I don’t even know her…”

“You were kissing her and talking about divorcing my sister a minute ago. Now you say you don’t know her?”

Huo Yunshen made another hard punch on his belly and continued, “You betrayed my second sister, married this woman and even had a child. Boris, you have committed the crime of bigamy!”

Boris could not defend himself. He was indeed bigamous.

“No mor

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