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Chapter 1363: Long-Lost Husband And Wife (15)


Ying Bao jumped out of her bed, put on her little slippers and rushed to the bathroom, where she got some toothpaste and started brushing her teeth.

Even as little as five, she could already do many things by herself!

When she finished washing herself, she ran to call everyone to come for breakfast.

“Daddy, come for breakfast! Mommy, come for breakfast! Grandma, come for breakfast!”

After calling around she ran to sit down by the table and wait for her mother to bring the food.

Su Wanqin came as well. Jing Xi brought them breakfast and they sat down to eat together.

Seeing her daddy missing, Ying Bao asked, “Where is daddy? Where did he go?”

“Daddy has something to care of. Go ahead and enjoy your breakfast. We don’t need to wait for him.”

“I see.”

After breakfast, Jing Xi asked Ying Bao to play in her castle in the garden.

Ying Bao went directly into the garden and Su Wanqin followed.

Sitting on top of the slide, Ying Bao did not go down. Su Wanqin asked, “What’s the matter, sweetheart? Why are you not coming down?”

Ying Bao looked at her grandma and said, “It’s boring playing by myself. I wish brother Feimo, Chengcheng and Mike could be here.”

She found everything great in Estan except for lacking her friends.

How she missed brother Feimo and the others!

Around nine o’clock in the morning, a car arrived. Ying Bao sat on top of the slide and recognized that it was her daddy’s car.

“Daddy is back.”

Ying Bao looked hard and saw her daddy coming out of the car with a man and a boy.

When she realized who that was, she rushed down and ran joyfully toward them.

“Uncle Tang! Brother Feimo…”

Yingbao was so surprised to see them here.

Tang Feimo could barely take a look around the villa before he heard the familiar voice.

That was his Cherry Baby!

Following the voice, he saw the cute little girl in a red dress running toward him all the way through the garden.


Tang Feimo also darted to her.

They ran toward each other like long-lost husband and wife, and cuddled together.

Ying Bao cuddled on his waist and kept asking, “Is that you, Brother Feimo? Am I dreaming? Brother Feimo…”

“Yes, it’s me! It’s me! Cherry! I asked my dad to bring me here!”

Tang Feimo was extremely excited. They came because his father had some business to do in Estan. It was also because he had taken first place in his exam and his father brought him here as a reward.

They cuddled for a while. Then Tang Feimo held Ying Bao’s face and said, “My little wife is as pretty as always.”

“Haha…” Ying Bao was so happy that she smiled her eyes into a pair of crescent moons.

“Did you miss me?” Tang Feimo asked.

“I did! I missed you every day! I was thinking of you just now!” Ying Bao answered seriously.

Tang Feimo was pleased and placed a firm kiss on her forehead. Then he took her hand and le

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