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It was as if everything was obsolete to Huangpu Xuanye; nothing could pique his interest.

He looked into the distance, and people could see the rebellious teenager in his eyes.

Huangpu Heng felt awkward when his son did not move.

“I’m really sorry, my son is kind of shy and cold,” Huangpu Heng quickly explained. “I tried but failed to change his attitude. I hope you can forgive him.”

But the truth was, Huangpu Xuanye used to be a boy filled with life. But ever since his mother passed away and his father married his step-mother, he had changed a lot.

He became cold and alone.

“No worries! I actually admire his personality,” Helian Qingyu smiled.

Huangpu Heng led Helian Qingyu down the hallway and said, “But it’s driving me crazy. He’s like a brick. He only lives in his own world and does not care about anything else. I’m really worried.”

“Is he always like this? What changed him?”

“He used to be a normal kid. But ever since his mother died and I remarried, he’s changed. What I’m afraid of now is that he won’t be able to sit on the throne after I retire. If that really happens, then we could only depend on you.”

Huangpu Heng was right. Being a leader required wit and charm.

Connections between countries could only be built by talking with other people.

But if Huangpu Xuanye remained quiet all the time, there was no way he could perform such a feat.

Huangpu Heng was anxious because he was terminally ill and might not have long to live.

“It’s still early to be worried, and he’s still young anyway. He might grow into a responsible man in the future. You never know,” Helian Qingyu comforted. “I think you can try and encourage him to leave the castle more.”

“I did that, but it didn’t work. But something weird happened not long ago. He actually went and visited Estan on his own accord.”

“For real? If he wants to revisit Estan, I’ll definitely take good care of him.”

“Thank you so much. I’ll ask him later. I’ll let him follow you back if he wants to.”

“Sure thing.”

Helian Qingyu had his lunch with Huangpu Heng and his wife, Lady Rose.

He was lucky that Lady Rose took off her veil and showed her face during dinner.

Helian Qingyu was taken aback when he saw her face. He thought that he had seen her before, but he could not picture when.

But Helian QIngyu recovered quickly and took a seat.

“We don’t have to wait for my son. He’s not joining us,” Huangpu Heng explained when he noticed Helian Qingyu was looking at the empty seat.

Helian Qingyu nodded.

They had their lunch, and Helian Qingyu accompanied the couple for an afternoon tea.

When Helian Qingyu was about to return, Huangpu Heng asked him to wait.

“I’ll go ask my son if he wants to leave with you or not,” Huangpu Heng said.

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