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Chapter 1368: Steal Her Away (20)

But Huangpu Xuanye did not want to leave. He did not want to part with the cute Cherry Baby.

“I want to stay here…”

Huangpu Xuanye expressed his thought.

“What should I do…”

Helian Qingyu was a little anxious. He believed that it would be inappropriate to let him stay.

But Ying Bao liked Huangpu Xuanye very much and wanted him to continue to play with her.

“Uncle Three, can’t he stay? I want to play with him…” Ying Bao begged.

Helian QIngyu smiled, but he was worried that Huangpu Xuanye staying at the Yunjing Manor would trouble the couple.

Plus, they did not have the owner’s permission.

Jing Xi did notice that Huangpu Xuanye was a timid and shy person. The only time that he smiled was when he was playing with the kids.

She realized that the prince really liked Ying Bao, and him not wanting to leave was understandable.

“How about this? He can stay with us for a few days until you’re finished with your work,” Xu Xiyan suggested.

“Yeah, it would be a waste if he could not play more,” Huo Yunshen agreed.

“I see. I do have to visit Zstan for a few days, and I can’t bring him with me. Please take good care of him.” Helian QIngyu nodded happily.

“Leave it to us.”

“So, you’ll be staying here for the next few days then,” Helian Qingyu told Huangpu Xuanye. “I’ll find someone to fetch your luggage for you. But remember to tell Cherry Baby’s parents if you want to go anywhere, okay?”

“Okay.” Huangpu Xuanye nodded. He was glad that he got to stay with Ying Bao.

“Yay! This means I can continue to play with Uncle Prince!” Ying Bao clapped happily, too.

The only person who was not happy about the decision was Tang Feimo. He thought that Huangpu Xuanye would leave after dinner, but he got to stay in Yunjing Manor instead.

Things became worse for him after dinner.

“Come on, we have to leave,” Tang Yitan said to his son after dinner, as he had matters to attend to.

“I don’t want to! I don’t want to leave!” Tang Feimo shouted angrily.

“I have somewhere else to be. What should I do…” Tang Yitan sighed.

“Then you can leave! I’m staying here!”

Tang Feimo did not want to give Huangpu Xuanye any chance to be alone with Ying Bao.

He was worried that Huangpu Xuanye would steal her away from him.

Ying Bao also did not want Tang Feimo to leave and pulled on her parents’ hands.

“Daddy! Mommy! Can Brother Feimo stay too?” Ying Bao begged.

“Of course he can.”

Jing Xi thought that it would be best for Ying Bao since the little girl did not have any good friends in Estan yet.

“Why don’t you let him stay then? You can come back for him once you’re finished with your stuff,” Xu XIyan suggested.

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