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Chapter 1383: Found It Strange

Gu Yici was not expecting to see her again here. Throughout these years he had been trying to reach her and pay back her money, but in vain.

What a coincidence! She happened to be Huo Yunshen’s sister!

Seeing Gu Yici being excited, Huo Erqi barely nodded and said, “OK.”

She had forgotten about helping him two years ago. It surprised her that he still remembered.

“Could you take off the sunglasses so that I can take a look?”

Gu Yici could not refrain from being excited to see the woman who had helped him again. He wanted to help as much as he could.

Seeing Huo Erqi hesitate, Huo Yunshen urged, “Second sister, if you won’t take off the sunglasses, how can the doctor check on your wounds? Come on, take them off.”

Huo Erqi had no choice but to take off the sunglasses.

When the sunglasses were removed, her charming eyes were unveiled. But a huge bruise around the corner of her left eye harmed her beauty.

“What happened?”

Gu Yici wondered who had dared to treat his savior like this.

Huo Erqi said nothing while Huo Yunshen explained for her, “It was domestic violence. Take a thorough look and see if she has other wounds.”

“Domestic violence?” Gu Yici sounded enraged. “How could a man ever beat a woman? Bastard! This is outrageous! If only I saw him, I would never let him walk away from it!”


Huo Yunshen found Gu Yici to be acting weirdly today. Even the victim herself was not crying. Why was he overreacting?

Furthermore, being a doctor, shouldn’t he have been apathetic about such things?

What kind of a doctor would get so angry because of his patient’s suffering?

Seeing that both Huo Yunshen and Huo Erqi were staring at him, Gu Yici realized that he was making a scene, and tried to make up for it. “Ms. Huo, please lie down on the bed and let me check for you.”

Huo Erqi did not want more troubles and suggested, “No worries. Let’s go home, Yunshen.”

“No way! You said you suffered on your stomach. What if there was internal injury?”

Huo Yunshen would never feel relieved unless she would get a thorough examination.

“Exactly. We need to make sure there is no internal injury. Otherwise, it could be serious.”

In fact, Gu Yici was trying hard to find an excuse to make her stay.


Huo Erqi handed her handbag to Huo Yunshen and lay down on the bed as instructed.

“Mr. Huo, please wait here. It will not take long.” Gu Yici had already put on a mask and gloves.


Huo Yunshen sat on the couch to wait.

Gu Yici lifted the curtain and entered the exam room. He took a glance at Huo Erqi and said, “Take off your coat, please.”

“Ha? Taking off my clothes?” Huo Erqi doubted.

“Correct. I don’t have X-ray vision. So I won’t be able to attend to your wounds unless you take off the coat.”

Huo Erqi was reluctant but had to take it off.

She was only wearing lace underwear under the coat. Gu Yici was st

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