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Chapter 1311: Pleasant Surprise

In a beachside cafe in Estan, Xu Xiyan came in disguise with Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan.

It was a man in his forties or fifties with whiskers. He dressed in a grey suit and seemed dignified.

Xu Xiyan recognized him at first sight. “Are you Mr. Hanson, the world renowned director?”

Hanson did not expect her to recognize him. He stood up to shake hands with her and greeted in Zstan’s language, “Hi Jing Xi, nice meeting you.”

“Nice meeting you. Mr. Hanson. These are my good friends.”

Xu Xiyan briefly introduced Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan. Hanson greeted them too and everyone was seated.

“Did you say it was Director An Xianming who recommended me?”

Xu Xiyan heard briefly from her grandfather that it was An Xianming who had referred her.

“Right. An and I are good friends. He spoke highly of you. I’ve seen your movies and commercials. You are indeed talented.”

Hanson had not been able to reach her until he saw the news the other day. He tracked down the Renjing Chinese Medicine Hall from Huo Yunshen and left a message, but was not expecting any solid feedback.

It was a pleasant surprise that Jing Xi called him back and even agreed to meet him.

“Thank you so much. Mr. Hanson. Have you been in touch with An lately? How is he doing?”

Xu Xiyan tried to ask about An Xianming, as she had not heard from them ever since he took Xue Yating away.

“We talk over the phone now and then but haven’t seen each other for a while. I have no idea what he’s been up to lately.”

“I see.” Xu Xiyan nodded. “So what would you like to talk about today?”

“It’s for a movie I am working on lately. I need an Asian face and could not think of a better candidate than you. Therefore I’d like to invite you to join my team. Would you be available?”

It already made Xu Xiyan very grateful that Hanson had come all the way for her.

It should be a wonderful opportunity. She might be able to go international through Hanson’s production.

But she had to think it through. She was in her fifth month of pregnancy and would give birth in another three to four months. In that case she would only be available again in a year.

“Thank you so much for your acknowledgement, Mr. Hanson. But I’m afraid I would not be able to join until next year. When do you plan to start shooting?”

“Well, luckily it’s next year. In that case, do I have the honor of making a reservation with you?”

Xu Xiyan smiled. “I’m flattered. But I have to talk to my husband first. Can I get back to you after that?”

“Sure. Your husband, Elvis, used to work with me years ago. I hope he will speak good of me.”


They all laughed at Hanson’s sense of humor.

After the catch up, Hanson had to rush off for some other appointment. They sent him off and got ready to head home.

Right then a wretched figure rushed out and scared the two women.

Ye Xun thought it was a sneak attack and kicked the person away

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