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Chapter 1339: Abide His Throne

Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi only realized that Ying Bao was riding on someone’s shoulders when they got closer.

“Faster!” Ying Bao shouted as she laughed happily.

They initially thought that it was Ye Xun’s shoulders that Ying Bao was riding on, but they were wrong. It was Mo Yutian.

The couple couldn’t help but feel a chill down their spines. The first thing Jing Xi did was run forward to try and get Ying Bao away from Mo Yutian.

But she was stopped by Huo Yunshen. Huo Yunshen signaled her to look at Mo Yutian.

With his mind like a little kid, Mo Yutian was playing happily with Ying Bao and had no capabilities to hurt the little girl.

Huo Yunshen would feel terrible if they were to interrupt them.

“Faster, Uncle Dragonbeard! Let’s run up the hill!”

Ying Bao patted Mo Yutian’s head and navigated with her hand. She even gave Mo Yutian a funny nickname, Uncle Dragonbeard.

Mo Yutian acknowledged where Ying Bao wanted to go and ran forward.

The couple sighed at what they saw.

Mo Yutian was the ruler of evil, a killer that could kill without batting an eyelid. But now, he willingly abided his throne to play with a little girl.

They believed that Mo Yutian would never do such a thing if he hadn’t injured his head.

Ying Bao was the first to notice that her parents were back.

“Daddy! Mommy! Look! Uncle Dragonbeard is really fun!” Ying Bao shouted.

The couple did not reply and looked at each other, wondering when Ying Bao had given Mo Yutian a new nickname.

They could only shrug at Ying Bao’s courage as one really needed it to ride on Mo Yutian.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you two were coming back so early. You don’t mind if I let Xiao’er play with Ying Bao, do you?” Su Wanqin asked.

“Well, we can’t say no after this…” Jing Xi sighed and shouted to Ying Bao, “Hey! Do you want to come into the house and have some snacks with me?”

Jing Xi did not want Ying Bao to come in contact with Mo Yutian any further. She was worried that Mo Yutian might try to hurt her.

But Ying Bao had taken a liking to Mo Yutian and refused. “No! We still want to play! Can mommy bring some snacks out?”

Ying Bao was still a kid, and a kid would never let the things that they found interesting go easily.

Unable to persuade Ying Bao, Jing Xi went back into the manor alone to get some snacks.

Huo Yunshen looked at Mo Yutian, realizing that he still couldn’t forgive him.

The best that he could do was let him live because of his mother, and because they were related by blood.

Huo Yunshen accompanied Su Wanqin until Jing Xi came back out. He went back into the manor after that to finish some work.

Jing Xi brought her homemade snacks and a jug of orange juice for the kid and the guests.

“Here comes the snack!”

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