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Chapter 1334: Kiss Until Satisfied

“I know! Kiss!”

Ying Bao kissed the camera, sending her love to Tang Feimo.

Feeling satisfied, they ended the call.

Liang Lan came into Tang Feimo’s room, asking if he had finished his call.

Tang Feimo handed the tablet to his mother and began to think about something.

The Tang family had their dinner, and Tang Feimo suddenly suggested something.

“Dad, mom, can we move to Estan too?”

Tang Yitan looked at Liang Lan, surprised by the question.

“It’s not that easy,” Liang Lan said. “Your dad has to help Ying Bao’s daddy take care of his company.”

“But, Ying Bao got to know a very handsome person in Estan. What if she was cheating with him? What’s the point of living if Cherry’s not here…”

“We know that you miss Cherry, but you have to know that she won’t be taken away by someone,” Liang Lan said. “Plus, we’ve already talked to her parents. We decided to let her marry you once both of you are older.”


“Of course. That’s why you have to study hard, okay? Only a successful man can marry Cherry. If you have good grades, you can go to Estan to further your studies too. Then you will be able to see her every day.”

With that, Tang Feimo decided to become successful.

He quickly finished his food and said, “I’m going to study now! Please do not disturb me.”

From the moment that Tang Feimo decided to study with everything he had, he got the best scores in the whole school.

When everyone got the news about Huo Yunshen waking up, they sighed and felt relieved.

Xu Xiyan still had to go to class, and Huo Yunshen drove her to the school.

When they finally arrived, the couple kissed in the car before Xu XIyan left.

But the kiss was long, and Huo Yunshen did not let Xu Xiyan off until he was satisfied.

“Hey! Look at what you’ve done,” Xu XIyan scolded as she gasped heavily and tried to punch Huo Yunshen in his chest.

Huo Yunshen caught the punch and looked at Xu XIyan.

“How about you skip class and we go home?”

Huo Yunshen wanted to spend some quality time with his wife.

“No! It’s still morning! I’m going to class!”

Xu Xiyan jumped out from the car as if she was running away, afraid that Huo Yunshen would really drive her back home.

Huo Yunshen did not leave until Xu Xiyan was no longer in his sight.

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