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Chapter 1344: A Reason to Decline

“I plan to go to the Nothern Country to look for my sister. I hope I can persuade them to help us,” Lady White Camellia said.

“My mother?” Mo Yutian asked.

“Yes. To tell you the truth, she’s still alive. When your father tried to kill her in the past, I rescued her and sent her back to the Nothern Country.”

Mo Yutian understood that the “mother” Lady White Camellia had mentioned was Mo Xie’s ex-wife and Lan Ling’er’s mother, Lan Qiwei.

“How is she doing?”

Mo Yutian always thought that Lan Qiwei had been executed by Mo Xie and had no idea that she was alive.

“She’s the queen of the country now. It won’t be long before she takes over all of the Nothern Country.”

The reason Lady White Camellia thought that her plan would succeed was that her sister held a higher position than she had in the past. If she were to take over the whole Northern Country, she would have the power to support Lady White Camellia.

“I think you should leave with me and that we should go find her together,” Lady White Camellia said when she noticed that Mo Yutian remained quiet.

“No, you’ll have to go alone. I won’t be able to leave with my current situation,” Mo Yutian said.

In truth, Mo Yutian did not want to meet with Lan Qiwei because she wasn’t even his real mother.

“Very well. I’ll contact you once I meet up with her.”


Mo Yutian quickly returned to his apartment after Lady White Camellia had left. Everything was done in secret, and no one even knew about it.

Ying Bao took a leave of absence three days later.

Xu Xiyan woke up early that day to prepare her husband’s and daughter’s clothes.

Huo Yunshen changed into a grey bespoke suit while Ying Bao wore a cute princess dress. Xu Xiyan wore a one-piece that was suitable for pregnant women.

It was an important day for all of them.

After everything was prepared, they left for the Moon Castle.

They did ask whether Su Wanqin wanted to join, but the she declined, saying that she wasn’t feeling well.

“Mommy, why are we going to the castle today?” Ying Bao asked.

“For… a wedding.”



“Why is she getting married at this age?”

“So that she can become a family with grandpa.”

Xu Xiyan was smiling. It was a day that she had been waiting dearly for. Her parents were about to hold an invite-only wedding at the Moon Castle.

“Do people have to get married to become a family?” Ying Bao asked.

“Of course.”

“I want to become a family with Brother Feimo too. Can I marry him?”

Ying Bao was starting to miss Tang Feimo even it had been only days since she had last called him.

“… Yes, you can. But not before you are a little bigger.”

“How big?”

“Around how big I am now,” Xu Xiyan explained.

“But mommy’s so tall, can I even reach your height?” Ying Bao sighed but then suddenly thought of a good idea.

She stood up from her seat and crossed h

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