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Chapter 1313: Going Out To Battle Tomorrow

“That I have no idea.”

Lan Linger did have no idea. But thinking of her own situation she tried to ask, “Jing Xi, could you arrange for me to meet Helian Qingyu?”

Xu Xiyan surely did not want her to meet Helian Qingyu, or bother him at all.

But she seized the opportunity to ask, “You know he is the president now. It won’t be easy to set up an appointment with him. Furthermore, your country just invaded Estan. Being a national enemy, you have to show your sincerity in order to see him.”

“But how?”

“Of course by presenting something he needs. What he wants the most, at this point, would be a map of Lstan with a detailed description of your military forces. If you could draw a very detailed military map, he would definitely get your good intention.”

Xu Xiyan finished her proposal and waited for the response.

Silly as Lan Ling-Er was, she could still see the risk. “Jing Xi, you are asking me to betray my own country!”

Xu Xiyan sneered with her arms folded. “Have you not? Lan Ling-Er, you have no way of turning back now. You are doomed if you dare to go back. The only chance for you lies in coming over to Estan and helping Helian Qingyu.”


Lan Ling-Er gave it a good thought and decided, “Fine. I’ll do as you said.”

Coming out of the apartment, Xu Xiyan was satisfied with the detailed military map of Lstan. It clearly showed the bases and ports as well as the army stations.

She asked Ye Xun to hand it to Huo Yunshen immediately after she got back.

Huo Yunshen was excited upon receiving the map. He had been longing for such a description of Lstan’s military forces.

Huo Yunshen headed for the presidential palace right away to discuss it with Helian Qingyu.

They had decided to launch the attack tomorrow, at the ebb tide.

On the night prior to the battle, Huo Yunshen took his wife and daughter to the Moon Castle and had dinner with his parents-in-law.

They were going out to battle tomorrow. He hoped it would not be the last family dinner.

However, Huo Yunshen was not sure whether they could triumph this time.

After dinner, he played some games with his daughter and told several stories until she fell asleep in his arms.

He kissed her little face and found himself very reluctant to leave.

Xu Xiyan entered the room to see this, and could not help feeling worried too.

She knew that they were going to Lstan tomorrow. Despite her worries, she had no reason to stop them.


Hearing his wife calling, Huo Yunshen turned to her and covered up Ying Bao with the quilt.

“Come here, sweetheart.”

He waved to her and Xu Xiyan came to sit down on his lap.

“Let me take a closer look.”

Huo Yunshen held her gently and stared at her sentimentally.

Xu Xiyan lowered his head and held his face gently in her hands. She stated clearly, “Huo Yunshen, you have to come back alive! I and our children will be waiti

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