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Chapter 1326: A Clue

Qiao Ruoxi could not help but think about the baby she once had when she met Ying Bao.

If the kid were to have lived, he or she would’ve been around two years old.

Qiao Ruoxi played with Ying Bao while Xu Xiyan went to prepare dinner.

After dinner, Xu Xiyan and Qiao Ruoxi discussed the homework they had on jewelry design.

When Qiao Ruoxi noticed Xu Xiyan’s design with the name “Lady White Camellia” by the side, she suddenly thought of something.

“Lady White Camellia? I think I’ve heard of this name once somewhere,” Qiao Ruoxi said.

“From my movie?”

“No, not that.”

Qiao Ruoxi thought about it more clearly and was sure that she did not hear the name from Landscape. It was from the company where she used to work, the Diruiling Jewelry in Yun City.

“Are you sure? Where have you heard it from?”

“Have you ever heard of Diruiling?”

“Yes, I have. It’s one of the three big jewelry stores. The Diruiling, Baodilan, and Mu. Are you talking about the one that was at the top? That Diruiling?”

“Yes. That’s one of Feng Yunan’s companies. I used to work there and saw the list of employees once. Lady White Camellia was on it. I remember it because it was a unique name.”

Qiao Ruoxi told Xu Xiyan everything she knew about Lady White Camelia.

“Ruoxi, can you help me with something? You are very close to Feng Yunan, right? Can you help me get the details of Lady White Camellia? I really need to know who she is. It’s essential to me.”

“All right, I’ll help you,” Qiao Ruoxi agreed.

But when Qiao Ruoxi thought of meeting with Feng Yunan again, her heart sank.

She would have to ask for Feng Yunan’s help if she wanted to learn who Lady White Camellia was. But Qiao Ruoxi hoped to avoid meeting Feng Yunan as much as she could. And yet since it was a request from Jing Xi, she had to help.

“Thank you really much! You’ve really helped me!”

“Don’t thank me yet; I’m not sure it will succeed” Qiao Ruoxi smiled and checked her watch. “I guess it’s time for me to leave.”

“All right, I’ll get someone to take you home.”

Xu Xiyan arranged for her driver to send Qiao Ruoxi back.

Even if Qiao Ruoxi could not find anything, she already gave a huge clue to Xu Xiyan.

Xu Xiyan was not going to give up until she found her brother.

The day finally came for Xu Xiyan’s check-up after six months of pregnancy.

Everything went smoothly. Xu Xiyan could see the babies from the scan, and they were moving around a lot.

Huo Sanyan also looked at the screen and sighed.

“Yunshen would be very happy if he was here to see this…”

Xu Xiyan felt the same way.

She really wanted Huo Yunshen to be by her side.

He promised her that he would never miss any of her check-ups, but fate was cruel to him.

After the check-up was completed, Huo Sanyan accompanied Xu Xiyan back to Yunjing Manor.

“What are you going to do now that you’re free?” Xu Xiyan asked Huo Sa

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