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Chapter 1318: Heavily Wounded

Helian Qingyu and his men hurried and removed the debris over Huo Yunshen and Mo Yutian before carrying them out.

As soon as they were clear of the palace, the palace began to fall. An explosion burned the whole place into ruins.

If any of the survivors were a minute late, they would’ve fallen with the palace.

“What should we do now?” one of Helian Qingyu’s soldiers asked.

“They are both heavily wounded. Take them to the hospital now!”

With the fall of the palace, the barrier that was protecting stopped working.

The whole Dark Zone was now under the control of the United Forces. Most of the Dragonism followers were also captured.

The attack on Lstan was a huge success.

Helian Qingyu and his men brought the two unconscious men and boarded a ship, heading back to Estan.

Most of the leaders had already departed back to their own countries, leaving the rest up to their subordinates.

Xu Xiyan and Huo Sanyan were waiting impatiently at the port of Estan.

They’d waited from morning to evening and finally saw the fleet coming back.

“Look! It’s them!” Huo Sanyan shouted and pointed at the fleet.

“I see them!”

Xu Xiyan prayed for her husband’s safe return.

The ships finally stopped at the port. Xu Xiyan kept looking at them, wondering which ship Huo Yunshen was in.

Helian Qingyu was the first person that Xu Xiyan could recognize. He was commanding his soldiers to carry the victims down.

When Xu Xiyan saw all the victims that were covered in blood, she could feel her heart sinking.

The first victim that she could make out was Mo Yutian. He was on the verge of dying, but Xu Xiyan did not give a damn about it.

But upon seeing the next person she recognized, she almost fainted. It was her husband, who was also covered in blood.

“Hubby! Hubby! Wake up…” Xu Xiyan cried as tears began to fall.

Huo Sanyan also cried when she saw her brother in a dire state.

When Helian QIngyu noticed them, he quickly rushed to their side to comfort them.

“For now, we have to get them to a hospital!”

With Helian Qingyu’s help, Huo Yunshen was rushed to the hospital immediately.

They waited outside the operating theater. Xu Xiyan’s tears never stopped falling down. As soon as she thought of the blood that Huo Yunshen was lying in, she could feel herself in pain too.

Both Huo Yunshen and Mo Yutian had lost too much blood and needed a transfusion. Luckily, both of them had the same blood type.

Helian Qingyu ordered the doctors to save them, no matter what it took.

After hours of operation, they were both saved and were pushed into the ICU.

Xu Xiyan stood outside the unit, looking at Huo Yunshen through the window.

She had already heard from Helian Qingyu about the fight her husband had with Mo Xie.

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