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Chapter 1323: The Biggest Regret

“She’s your grandma,” Jing Xi explained.

“But, didn’t grandma go to Heaven?” Ying Bao asked, unable to comprehend. “Oh, I get it! Uncle Treeleaf told me yesterday that if I behave, then I will have a huge surprise! Grandma is the surprise, right?”

“You could say that. Do you want to play with grandma?”

“Yes! Grandma, I’ll push you!”

Ying Bao ran to the back of the wheelchair and pushed Su Wanqin to the garden.

Su Wanqin couldn’t help but love the little girl who was smart and quick-witted.

Jing Xi’s parents came from the Moon Castle in the afternoon. Helian Wei used to be good friends with Long Rui, so it was natural that he knew Su Wanqin.

They were filled with emotion, for they were still able to meet their old friends.

“All I want now is for the kids to have a happy life,” Su Wanqin sighed with emotion.

“Don’t worry, everything will be all right,” Helian Wei comforted. “You can return to your home once the Dragon Kingdom is rebuilt.”

“So what if the kingdom is rebuilt? One of my sons is still unconscious, while the other has become an idiot. There’s no one to take over the country…”

Everyone shared the same worry as Su Wanqin.

“Just be patient. Yunshen will definitely wake up soon.”

All they could do was tell themselves that everything would be alright.

Jing Xi started to talk about the fall of Lstan with her parents.

“The biggest regret right now is that Mo Xie is dead, and Mo Yutian has gone crazy,” Jing XI said. “They were the last two people who knew who Lady White Camellia is. Now we have no way to find where my brother is…”

“We can just hope that he’s living a happy life…” both of Jing Xi’s parents sighed.

Half a month had gone by. Jing Xi had registered herself to a well-established designer college in Estan. She had decided to study jewelry design.

When she was not in school, she was staying at home taking care of her husband.

She would draw a few designs while she had nothing to do. When she finished drawing a design for a wedding ring, she couldn’t help but recall the scene where Huo Yunshen proposed to her.

It was as if the proposal had just happened the day before.

“What do you think? Is it pretty?” Jing Xi asked.

She had been talking to Huo Yunshen, hoping that her voice could wake him up someday.

She put down the drawing pad and rested his palm on her belly.

“Look, the babies are moving! They’ve been kicking me non-stop. Can you feel them? Three more months and we can finally meet them. Are they going to be boys or girls? Who will they look like?”

Jing Xi was not the only one who would talk to Huo Yunshen. Ying Bao would also talk non-stop by her father’s ear whenever she got home from school.

“Mommy, can daddy hear us?”

“Of course he can.”

“Then why is he still sleeping?”

“Because… because…” Jing Xi had no idea how to reply to the little girl’s question. “It’s daddy’s bi

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