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Chapter 1305: The Perfect Candidate

That was why Huo Yunshen and Helian Qingyu chose to act exactly the opposite – to attack Lstan during the ebb tide when their magnet shield functioned at full capacity and their defense forces were least on alert.

When they left the warship, Huo Yunshen received a call from his master and told Helian Qingyu, “I have to go across the border again now.”

Helian Qingyu handed him the seal and proposed, “Bro, what would you say if I wanted to appoint you as our Chief Commander?”

As the current president, Helian Qingyu had been acting as the Chief Commander for a while. He had tried to find a suitable person to take his role in the army.

After rounds of screening, he still thought that Huo Yunshen was the perfect candidate. He had led the navy of Estan to defeat Lstan and demonstrated extraordinary military prowess.

Plus, he was Jing Xi’s husband, namely his brother-in-law. He could rest assured if he would take the position.

“No way. Get someone else!”

Huo Yunshen took a few steps further then stopped. “If you cannot find one, I do have someone to recommend.”

“Who’s that?”

“Jun Yan.”

Upon hearing the name Helian Qingyu could only think of the Jun Yan disguised by Jing Xi.

“You probably don’t know him. But you must have heard of Jun Che.”

“Absolutely. Jun Che used to be our Chief Commander during my grandfather’s regime. Unfortunately, he died in a war. Could he be…”

“Exactly. He is Jun Che’s grandson, no less capable than you or me.”

“I see. Bring him to me some time.”


Helian Qingyu trusted Huo Yunshen’s judgment. Furthermore, he knew that Jun Che’s descendants must be ardently loyal.

When Huo Yunshen got into his car, Helian Qingyu asked, “Bro, shall I come with you?”

“Don’t bother. You mind your business and I’ll take care of mine. I’ll let you know when I’m in need.”

Helian Qingyu watched Huo Yunshen leave.

Since he had succeeded the presidency Helian Qingyu began to realize how heavy his burdens were. He could barely catch his breath.

Not to mention indulging himself like before.

Even his plan to go after Li Ruochu was postponed.

Whenever thinking of that woman on the run, Helian Qingyu felt his heart skip a beat.

She’d better stay out of his sight forever. Otherwise he would never let her go again when he got hold of her.

Across the border of Estan, there was the Dragon Kingdom.

The ice cover over the Dragon Kingdom had mostly melted since the Geothermal energy system was launched. The magnificent kingdom started to unveil itself.

Qi Zhengming welcomed him and took him on a helicopter tour. He reported, “Yunshen, we have already started the restoration in the areas where the ice is fully melted.”

“It’s a massive project.”

Huo Yunshen followed Uncle Ming’s direction and saw constructors busy working on the sites. They were trying their best to restore the previous architecture.

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