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Chapter 1310: The Best Proof

“We’re fine. Where’s Doctor Gu?” Xu Xiyan asked with a smile.

“Outside. I’ll let Ye Xun take you away from here for the moment.”

Huo Yunshen had asked Ye Xun to take Jing Xi and their daughter away for a while to prevent incidents like that from ever happening again.


“For your and Ying Bao’s safety… I’ll fetch both of you back once the house is tidied up.”

Huo Yunshen did not want to separate from his wife, but he was also afraid that he might harm her again and cause injuries that could not be undone.

“I see.”

Xu Xiyan decided to go along with Huo Yunshen’s plan. She set her feet and tried to get up, but the pain in her belly made her sit back down as she frowned.

“Are you all right?” Huo Yunshen asked as he rushed to her side to help her. “I’m sorry… It’s all my fault…”

“No, it’s not. I’ll go back with Ye Xun now. You take good care of yourself, okay? Follow every instruction that Doctor Gu gives you.”

“I will. Let me take you to the car.”

Huo Yunshen picked his wife up and took her to Ye Xun’s car. He also helped Ying Bao onto the vehicle and told Ye Xun not to drive too fast before they left.

Ye Xun started the car and drove out of Yunjing Manor. When Xu Xiyan turned back to look, Huo Yunshen was still standing there looking at them.

It hurt Xu Xiyan to see that. It was as if her heart was being pricked by thousands of needles.

She prayed to God that her husband could live a happier life.

And when everything was over, she planned to bring Huo Yunshen somewhere quiet, on a trip with nothing to worry about.

Ever since Helian Qingyu had visited Renjing Chinese Medicine Hall, the clinic’s business was getting better by the day.

People from Estan were worried at first about the doctor who came from abroad. But when they learned that even their President had visited the clinic, they started to visit Jing Huaduo too.

When Jing Huaduo managed to cure a few complicated symptoms, his name was finally known to the whole country.

The clinic became so famous that the media and magazines began to talk about it.

Other than that, pictures of Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi at the clinic’s opening day also garnered a lot of attention.

When the people in Zstan saw pictures of Huo Yunshen standing next to a woman wearing a veil, they were sure that she was Jing Xi.

Ever since the bombing incident at the Huo mansion, Jing Xi had gone missing, and Huo Yunshen had left the country.

But when the people saw pictures of them still being together, they felt relieved. Fans began to leave messages on Jing Xi’s social media account, asking when she would be back and when they could expect a new movie.

Three days after the clinic was opened, a director visited, asking to meet with Jing Xi. The director even gave them the name of the person who had introduced him to her.

Jing Huaduo called Xu Xiyan, telling her that a director that had

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