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Chapter 1333: Regret

Tang Feimo missed Ying Bao so much that he almost asked his parents to get him on a plane to Estan.

Just as the little boy was thinking of Ying Bao, Liang Lan came into the living room with a tablet in her hand.

“Hey! Look! Little Cherry is calling you!” Liang Lan said.

Tang Feimo quickly jumped up from the couch when he heard Ying Bao’s name.

“Cherry? Where is she? Let me see!”

Tang Feimo took the tablet from his mother and saw the cute little girl’s face on the screen.


“Brother Feimo!”

“Oh! I miss you so much! Do you miss me too?”

“Of course! What are you doing?”

“Thinking about you? And you?”

“Cherry is thinking about Brother Feimo too!”

Tang Feimo had a lot to talk about with Ying Bao, but he did not want to speak in front of his mother. He then took the tablet and ran back into his room.

“Hey! Can’t you talk in the living room? I want to talk to Ying Bao too!” Liang Lan shouted and sighed because she couldn’t stop her son.

Tang Feimo was so happy when he lay down on his bed and looked at the little girl’s face on the screen.

“Are you behaving well when I’m not with you?” Tang Feimo asked.


“Then did you make any new friends at your new school?”

“Yes, a lot of new friends!”

“Then… Any new brothers?”

“No new brothers,” Ying Bao replied after thinking for a while.

Tang Feimo was happy with the answer, but it did not last long.

“But I met a handsome uncle! He even saved me once!” Ying Bao continued.


Tang Feimo’s face quickly turned sour as he couldn’t help but wonder who the handsome uncle was.

He regretted only telling Ying Bao to be wary of other little boys but completely forgotting about people that were older than them.

“Brother Feimo, why aren’t you saying anything?”

Ying Bao stopped describing the handsome uncle she met when she realized Tang Feimo was quiet.

“Cherry, can you promise me one thing? Can you not talk to that handsome uncle when you meet him again?” Tang Feimo sighed.


“Because only I can be your future husband. You cannot make friends with him, okay?”

“Okay! I’ll listen to Brother Feimo!”

They two little kids continued their conversation after that until it was dinner time.

“I have to go eat now. We’ll talk again next time, okay?” Ying Bao said.

“Okay! Think of me every day, okay?”

“I will!”

“Hey! Don’t hang up first. Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Ying Bao thought for a few seconds and waved at the screen.

“Goodbye, Brother Feimo!”


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