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Chapter 1320: His End

As soon as the bird flew away, Mo Yutian went after it.

“Little bird! Little Bird!” Mo Yutian kept on muttering.

Xu Xiyan felt as if something was off, thinking that Mo Yutian was just putting up an act.

“Stop it! I know you’re faking it! You’re the reason Huo Yunshen is still unconscious! Why don’t you die…”

Xu XIyan kept on scolding, but Mo Yutian did not even pay any attention to her.

Something’s wrong here… Xu Xiyan thought.

A doctor came in at that moment, and Xu Xiyan asked him about Mo Yutian.

“Doctor, what’s wrong with him?”

“His cranial nerves are injured, and he now has a cognitive disorder. His brain is also damaged. To put it plainly, he now has the brain of a two-year-old kid.”

“So, he’s an idiot now?”

“You could put it that way.”

Xu Xiyan turned to look at Mo Yutian. The man had already lost all his maniacal look and now was just a plain idiot. He would sometimes bite his finger or the bedsheets.

Xu Xiyan sighed, as it was the ending that Mo Yutian would have to live with.

There was no point in arguing with him anymore, as he would not even respond to her rage.

Xu Xiyan left the room and went back to where Huo Yunshen was.

She looked at her sleeping husband and could not help but sigh at how fate had worked out.

Huo Yunshen and Mo Yutian were brothers, but they were both raised by different people. It caused them to have completely opposite personalities.

The two of them always stood on different sides, treating each other as enemies. But in the end, who could’ve thought they were actually related by blood.

The way that Mo Yutian took the sword for Huo Yunshen, and the way that Huo Yunshen rushed to save Mo Yutian proved that they were related. It made them forget about their past and try to save each other instead.

At the end of the day, Mo Yutian was the only living relative Huo Yunshen still had.

Xu Xiyan knew the one that was to blame was Mo Xie.

He was the source of all tragedies. He had killed his brother to obtain power and even raised his nephew to become a killing machine.

He separated Xu Xiyan from his mother, keeping her captive in his dungeon for years.

Xu Xiyan could not help but think that a sword to his heart was the easy way out for him.

The news of Lstan’s fall spread throughout the whole world. Most people only knew of the Dark Zone but were never told that there was a country within it.

But no matter what the country was, the news of the Dark Zone’s downfall was one worth celebrating.

Since JS and its leader, Huo Yunshen, had made a contribution that could not go unnoticed, the United Nations decided to award Huo Yunshen with the highest peace award.

But since Huo Yunshen was still in an unconscious state, he could not receive the award personally.

While Huo Yunshen was still lying in the hospital, the ice that had once covered the Dragon Kingdom completely melted and th

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