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Chapter 1343: Trying To Convince Her

“I don’t care if you’re with me or not, I’m going to take my revenge!” Lady White Camellia vowed. “I’ll have Helian Wei pay me back what he owes me! Why should I be the one who loses everything while Jing Ruyue gets to live with her daughter? I will make her taste what it’s like to lose everything!”

The anger in Lady White Camellia’s eyes showed that she would go on with her plan even if Mo Yutian decided not to join her.

When Mo Yutian thought of Helian Wei losing everything, including Jing Xi, his heart tightened.

He did not wish for anything to happen to Jing Xi. He wanted her to live a peaceful life.

And the only thing Mo Yutian could do at that moment was to try and stop Lady White Camellia.

“You could live a better life…why do you want to waste it on someone who doesn’t even love you?” Mo Yutian asked.

“Aren’t you the same? You also could not let Jing Xi go,” Lady White Camellia snorted.

“No, I understand it now. There should be no selfishness in love. If you truly love someone, then you should wish for their happiness. I know you really love Helian Wei, but anyone can see that he’s meant to be with Jing Ruyue. They are going to get married in a few days. If you really love him, you should wish for his happiness and not seek revenge.”

Mo Yutian had no idea whether his words had reached Lady White Camellia or not. But Lady White Camellia could only focus on the wedding that Mo Yutian had mentioned.

“What did you say? They are getting married?”


Lady White Camellia could not believe her ears. She scolded Helian Wei for being unfaithful to her, for getting married right after they got a divorce.

“I’ll definitely not let them have a happy life!” Lady White Camellia cursed. “You should snap out of it too! Do you think they will really let you live? The only path for you is to regain your power! When you do that, the world will be beneath you!”

Lady White Camellia kept trying to persuade Mo Yutian in the hopes that he could stand at her side.

Mo Yutian began to think. He knew that if he wanted to protect Jing Xi, he had to learn what Lady White Camellia was planning and when she would take action.

He made a decision to convince Lady White Camellia that he was siding with her to gain her trust. He would then use that trust to learn her plan and put a stop to it.

Mo Yutian believed that he should earn salvation through his own strength.

“I get it. You’re right. I should not have given up this easily. How can I be the leader of the underworld if I can’t even stand my ground?” Mo Yutian said, raising his head. His expression was enough to convince Lady White Camellia that he wanted revenge.

“Very good! That’s Mo Xie’s son for you! The Dark Zone will soon rise again if we work together!”

Mo Xie’s son? Mo Yutian laughed in his head. I’m not even his real son!

“What should we do now?” Mo Yutian asked with a nod.

If you fin

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