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Chapter 1312: The Nerves He Had

Xu Xiyan could not believe her eyes when she finally realized who the person was. The person she thought to be a beggar turned out to be Lan Ling’er.

“Why are you here?”

“I escaped! Please, Jing Xi, you have to help me. I have nowhere else to go.”

Lan Ling’er had been captured by her brother for committing treason against him and their father. She used her connection to escape Lstan through a trading ship.

She thought of going to Helian Qingyu. But when she learned that he had become the President of Estan, meeting him would be even harder than running from her brother. The only person that she could think of that could help her was Jing Xi.

But finding Jing Xi was no easy feat either. She had been scouting outside the Yunjing Manor for days until she finally saw Xu XIyan leaving.

“What happened to you?”

Xu Xiyan could not believe that the person she was looking at right now used to be Estan’s national goddess.

“Please, I must not let my brother find out that I’m here. I need your help!” Lan Ling’er begged.

She thought that since she had helped Huo Yunshen save Xu Xiyan back in Lstan, Xu Xiyan would help her.

The only thing Xu Xiyan did not expect was that the person who had tried to harm her in the past would come to beg her for help.

Xu Xiyan did not reject Lan Ling’er pleading because she thought that Lan Ling’er would be of use since she was related to Mo Xie.

Xu Xiyan exchanged glances with Ye Xun and said, “All right, follow me.”

They took Lan Ling’er with her and settled her down in a small apartment.

“What’s going on in Lstan now?” Xu Xiyan asked while Lan Ling’er devoured a bowl of instant noodles.

“My brother is furious because he lost the war…” Lan Ling’er said. “And he knows about Alice too. That’s why he wanted to kill me.”

“He knows? Did he hurt Alice?”

Xu Xiyan was worried about Alice. Even though Alice was a clone, she still had her own consciousness as a human.

“He was good to her when he didn’t know, and she’s pregnant now. But once he learned, he locked her up in the dungeon, and she’s dying.”

“How could he? She has his child inside her!”

“You’re the one to blame. The only one he loves is you. Even if he had a thousand clones, it would always be you.” Lan Ling’er sighed as she put down her bowl. “That’s how my brother is, stubborn. But he wouldn’t be like this if he hadn’t met you…”

“Is he planning anything?” Xu XIyan asked, not wanting to argue about Mo Yutian’s stubbornness.

“Of course! He’s planning to take over Estan just to get you back.”

Is he for real? The nerve he has! Xu Xiyan scolded in her head and laughed wryly.

“Then do you know about his plan? Like when he’s going to attack?”

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