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Chapter 1317: Revenge Made

It was not as painful as he thought. Then Huo Yunshen realized that Mo Yutian had gotten stabbed for him.

Seeing that he stabbed Mo Yutian instead of Huo Yunshen, Mo Xie sneered, “You are indeed brothers. Although you risked your life to save him, you are both dying here today!”

The sword was stabbed into Mo Yutian’s belly. When Mo Xie pulled it out, blood splashed.

Huo Yunshen never would have expected that Mo Yutian would come to save him at last.

It was hard to describe his feelings. He could not believe that Mo Yutian was really his brother, nor could he risk disregarding it.

He got hold of the falling Mo Yutian, placed him on the ground and lifted his sword to fight with Mo Xie again.

Mo Xie was, after all, no match for Huo Yunshen. Being kicked onto the wall, he could no longer fight back while Huo Yunshen pointed the tip of his sword at his throat.

“Long Xie! I’ll be taking your life today!”

In order to save himself, Mo Xie yelled, “You will never see your mother again if you kill me!”

Not again!

How many secrets does he hold?

“Do you know where she is?”

Huo Yunshen recalled that, when his master had taken him to the imperial tomb, he told him that the bodies of his parents were missing. Could Mo Xie have stolen them?

“Ha ha ha…”

Instead of providing an answer, Mo Xie burst into wild laughter while he reached silently for a button.

Mo Yutian was seriously wounded. But he noticed Mo Xie’s movement and realized that he wanted them all to be buried in the palace.

Yet, it was too late.

Mo Xie pushed the button and the palace started shaking.

Mo Yutian exhausted his last bit of strength and yelled, “Huo Yunshen, go now…”

Mo Xie kept laughing insanely. “With you all being buried with me, I’ll die a worthy death. Ha ha ha…”

The entire structure was shaking. Helian Qingyu ran to Huo Yunshen with his men and hurried him, saying, “Bro, it’s falling down. We have to leave now!”

Despite the fact that the palace was collapsing, Huo Yunshen could never leave without having Mo Xie killed. Otherwise, who knew what evil he would do again in the future.

Huo Yunshen could not wait for an answer and pierced through Mo Xie’s throat while he was still laughing.

Ugly blood gushed out of Mo Xie’s throat and dripped along the sword, while he made his last gurgling.

He was indeed a devil. Even his blood was dark.

When Huo Yunshen pulled out the sword, Mo Xie collapsed and his dark blood stained the ground.

Mo Xie was dead!

The debts were paid.

And he had finally taken his revenge!

The palace was shaking more violently and things started falling off.

When Huo Yunshen was about to leave with them, he saw a huge pillar falling onto the bleeding Mo Yutian.

For no apparent reason, Huo Yunshen ran toward him.


Helian Qingyu tried but failed to stop him.


The pillar collapsed into dust and d

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