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Chapter 1322: Let Him Rest

“Let me do it. You just got up,” Xu Xiyan said, worried that Huo Yunshen’s body could not take it since he just woke up.

She wanted him to have more rest.

“I’ve had enough sleep. I’ll do it. You are the one who needs the rest. Just stay here and play some games or watch some TV. You have to take care of your body for our sons.”

“How are you so sure that the twins are boys? What if they are girls?”

“There’s nothing bad about that. I’ll have three daughters then.”

Huo Yunshen smiled and went to the kitchen.

But when he got up, everything in front of him went black for a moment. It was just an instant, and his eyesight recovered right away.

Huo Yunshen did not pay attention to it because he thought that he’d gotten up from the couch too fast.

While Huo Yunshen was preparing dinner in the kitchen and Xu Xiyan was waiting in the living room, Ying Bao came back from school.

“Mommy!” Ying Bao greeted.

“Welcome back,” Xu Xiyan smiled.

“Yes! Today was tiring at school,” Ying Bao said as she threw the bag onto the couch and lay on her mother’s lap.

“Why’s that?”

“We practiced badminton today. Guess how many I got today?”

“Two?’ Xu Xiyan guessed.

“Of course not!” Ying Bao pouted. “28!”

“Wow! That’s great!” Xu Xiyan said as she hugged the little girl.

“Are my brothers behaving today?” Ying Bao asked.

“Yup, they are.”

“Then I’ll give them the lollipop I got!”

Ying Bao took out the lollipops she had asked Ye Xun to get for her and showed them to her mother.

“You have them. Your brothers are still small, so they can’t eat them yet.”

“Then I’ll give it to daddy,” Ying Bao said as she slid down from her mother’s lap and was about to run upstairs.

“Hey, your daddy is not up there. He’s in the kitchen,” Xu Xiyan said.

“In the kitchen? Did daddy wake up?”

“Why don’t you go look for yourself?”

Upon hearing that, Ying Bao quickly ran to the kitchen and saw her daddy in an apron.

“Daddy!” Ying Bao shouted.

Huo Yunshen stopped what he was doing and looked at the little girl.

Ying Bao ran towards her father and into his arms.

“Daddy! You’re finally awake! I was about to shout through a loudspeaker through your ears.”

“Of course,” Huo Yunshen laughed. “You were always calling out to me. That’s why I had to wake up.”


“Go out and wait with your mother. Dinner’s almost done.”

“Okay! I’ll call Brother Feimo first!”

And the little kid ran out of the kitchen.

Tang Feimo returned to his home with his head down. He threw his bag to one side and lay down on the couch.

He sighed, as it was another day without any news of Ying Bao.

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