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Chapter 1314: The Final Fight (1)

Xu Xiyan hung a charm around Huo Yunshen’s neck and said, “This is a protection charm I got for you. I hope it can protect you.”

“Thank you. You really are my guardian angel,” Huo Yunshen said.

The couple kissed each other, leaving a very heartwarming night.

When the sun rose the next day, Huo Yunshen had already left.

“Sire!” one of Mo Yutian’s servants rushed into his room. “The queen…”

“What’s wrong?” Mo Yutian asked as he raised his head up from the documents he was working on.

“She’s dying. She said that she wants to see you one last time…”

When Mo Yutian heard about Alice’s condition, his fingers trembled, and he stopped what he was working on.

He could clearly remember Jing Xi’s face, but he wasn’t sure if it was Jing Xi’s or Alice’s.

Mo Yutian was lost in thought until he signaled for the servant to leave. He got up and left his quarters.

He walked down into the dungeon and could see a woman lying in a cell.

Alice struggled to get up when she heard footsteps and saw the man she was dying to see standing not far from her.

“Yutian… I knew you would come…”

Tears rolled down Alice’s face. She wanted to stand up, but her weak body could not support her anymore.

Mo Yutian could not help but gasp when he finally saw Alice. He had not seen her for just a few days, but Alice had become an old lady.

He understood that clones had a shorter lifespan than normal humans and would age faster.

He had no idea what he was feeling when he saw Alice in this state.

She was the first woman that Mo Yutian had ever touched.

Alice fell down again, but her tears never stopped.

“You’re not the vicious person everyone said you were…” Alice mumbled. “Yutian, I’m really dying… The only regret I have is not being able to give you a child… I really… I really wish that I was not a clone… Then I could love you forever… I have lied to you and betrayed you, and I’m sorry… You coming to visit me during my last breathe… was more than enough…”

Alice’s voice got quieter and quieter. It was as if she had mustered all of her remaining strength to say those words.

In the end, Alice’s hand fell to the ground, and her eyes closed slowly as she left the world forever.

After the guards checked on her, they reported to Mo Yutian.

“Sire, the queen has left us.”

Mo Yutian could feel pain in his heart. He turned around, unable to bear the sadness of looking at Alice.

“Bury her as your queen!” Mo Yutian ordered.

“Yes, sire!”

The country held a massive funeral for their queen. Mo Yutian planned to attack Estan once again after the funeral.

But beyond his expectations, Estan, with JS’s and other countries’ help, launched an attack on the Dark Zone during the low tide.

All of the attacking ships were equipped with the special device to bypass the barrier around Lstan. And with the map they had, Huo Yunshen and Helian Qingyu led the a

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