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Chapter 1304: What’s Wrong With You

“Yes, I’ve brought most of the things that can be used over from Renjing. I think it’s best that he uses things that he’s familiar with,” Huo Yunshen said.

“That’s very caring of you,” Xu Xiyan said.

Xu Xiyan was really grateful that she had a husband like Huo Yunshen. Even though he had lost his family, he still did his best to live for her.

He kept all the sadness to himself and tried his best to help others.

Xu Xiyan knew that it would be impossible to find another man like Huo Yunshen.

Jing Huaduo was really happy with the setting. He sat in his office, which was decorated the same as the one he had in Zstan.

“How’s the new place?” Xu Xiyan asked when she met with Jing Huaduo after greeting her uncle.

“Very good!” Jing Huaduo laughed. “All thanks to Yunshen. With the things he got from Peijing, it still feels like I am there.”

“Well, as long as you’re happy.”

They chatted for a while, and the first customer arrived.

Helian Qingyu visited the clinic with his bodyguards which garnered the media’s attention.

Since he was the President of Estan now, anywhere he visited would be interesting to the media.

“Oh, my dear Mr. President, thank you for advertising for my grandpa’s clinic!” Xu Xiyan laughed.

“I’m here to see the doctor, not for advertising,” Helian Qingyu scolded.

“Sure. Have a seat. Let my grandpa see what’s wrong with you.”

Xu Xiyan pushed Helian Qingyu into Jing Huaduo’s office.

Helian Qingyu told Jing Huaduo about his symptoms. The latter remained silent after that, and it shook Helian Qingyu, thinking that his symptoms were severe.

“Grandpa, what’s wrong with him?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“Mr. President’s face is healthy, and his blood flow is normal. There’s nothing wrong with his body,” Jing Huaduo explained. “I think it has more to do with his mind than his body.”

“I see,” Xu Xiyan laughed. “I think it’s lovesickness, big bro.”

“Shut the hell up!” Helian Qingyu scolded and got up, denying everything. “Can I borrow bro for a moment?”

Huo Yunshen turned to look at Xu Xiyan, worried about her being alone.

“Go, I’ll be with grandpa and uncle today,” Xu Xiyan said, understanding that they might have something important to talk about.

Both of the men left, and Xu Xiyan stayed back in the clinic helping her grandfather.

Helian Qingyu brought Huo Yunshen to Estan’s Naval Base.

They boarded a warship, and behind them were a thousand other warships on standby.

“Bro, look. These ships are installed with the special device to enter the Dark Zone. We now have two carriers, 2,000 warships, and 60 jets ready for war,” Helian Qingyu introduced.

“Very good. JS is ready for war too. We can act once the tide lowers this month.”

The barriers of Lstan would be the weakest during the high tide, but they would go into Defcon 2 every time it happened.

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